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World of Lordcraft

World of LordCraft is a fantastic Browser-Based web Game. In World of Lordcraft, you can create an invinciblemilitary empire. The distinct SLG strategies will bring you a unique gaming experience.

Here is a guide about veteran's analysis of World of Lordcraft for newbies. Check Below:

Veteran's Analysis of World of Lordcraft for Newbies

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Many new players feel at a loss when they begin to play World of Lordcraft. Because no matter in game interface or manipulation, it has exceeded congeneric web games, which makes newbies feel a little hard to master. But after experiencing the joy of game for a long time, I found as long as we give them a few instructions, they will gradually experience the joy and enthusiasm from the game just like us.

World of Lordcraft

As I login the game, I am in memory of this kind of exquisite picture and recall the student time when we play Age of Empires crazily. It is a pity that Age of Empires has become our memory forever. But we firmly believe that World of Lordcraft will be bound to arouse our brave memories, surpassing congeneric games and become classical game ultimately.

World of Lordcraft

To any new country, economic development is the most important. Only with solid economic basis can a country achieve more. There is no exception for World of Lordcraft. The main production resources of World of Lordcraft are food, lumber, stone and iron ingot, which is obtained by farm, lumber mill, quarry and iron mine respectively. The best proportion of these four is 1:1:1:1.

World of Lordcraft

Except above indispensable production materials, gold is of the most significance. There are plenty of daily tasks for players to select. Through accomplishing quests, players can earn enough gold to keep daily production.

After economic construction, then we should recruit some soldiers. Players must know all kinds of units. For instance, Grunts, as the core forces in the land, through long time training, they become ruthless warriors, while they cannot do anything about ranged enemies.

There are also others units, such as Wyvern Whelp, Warg and so on. Here I won't explain any more instead that the players had better study these units carefully. But only we know ourselves as well as our enemies, we can achieve first strike of the expansion.

World of Lordcraft

After we own coins, armies and forces, then we can begin PVE. Monsters, ranged 1-9, are widely distributed in the map, where is a good training grounds for newbies. Please do not downgrade these monsters. If you fail to beat them, you are maybe at the expense of prestige. So I suggest that our players should be according to your own abilities instead of acting in haste.

Heroes below level 3 are not advised to join PVE events. If his or her level has reached higher than 5, the hero is able to attack NPC whose level is between Lv1 to Lv3. The hero, whose level has accomplished to 10-15, can assault PVE spot of Lv5. But when the level is up to 25-30, congratulations, the hero can attack PVE with grade 5-8 and obtain quite a few advanced equipments. In conclusion, the higher level your target achieve, the more advanced equipments you will obtain. Remember, the result will be rather tragical if you challenge these monsters randomly without a strong force of army.

A classical game is not accomplished by means of strategic collide, but players themselves should experience and apprehend the game by heart. We hope all the players feel happy in World of Lordcraft and experience a real fantasy trip in this magic continent.

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