World of Lordcraft Guide: Train the Most Powerful Hero

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Players are always confused by hero talents in World of Lordcraft. Many of them would like to inquire about talent info and talent list in the forum or in the game. And some players just recruit a common hero once they enter the Tavern. What is the standard and direction of choosing hero talent and skill match in World of Lordcraft? Maybe this post will tell you how to do it.

World of Lordcraft Guide: Train the Most Powerful Hero--Talent Strategy

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After a period of study and test, I've ascertained the talent system in WoL. More than ten players once asked me about the talent system, so now I am going to share my experience with you.


First, let's talk about hero recruitment in World of Lordcraft

A-Tavern Recruitment
There are three kinds of hero quality in your tavern: Common hero, Uncommon hero and Rare hero. Frankly speaking, you should at least hire 1 or 2 uncommon heroes, so you don't have to waste your time and money on common heroes! If you're lucky enough, a rare hero would be your best option.

B-Effects of hero talent
Hero can learn extra skills from Talent system.
When does the talent take effect?
1. When your hero is appointed as a castle commander
2. When your hero fight in a battle

C-How to learn talents?
When you have a hero (tavern recruitment, cards, etc.), you'd find every hero has some Talent Sockets, and the hero can learn a talent in any available socket after Lv10. Heroes of high qualities have more talent sockets.

Learn: Each talent socket allows you to learn one talent, and this talent is taken randomly from the talent list on. This Learn function costs you Ancient Scroll*1 each socket (the first talent is free.)



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