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World of LordCraft

As a senior player, I have played many web games such as RPG, RTS, and TBS and so on. But World of Lordcraft is my favorite! World of Lordcraft, as a browser-based SLG, breaks through the bottleneck and lets us enjoy a real multiplayer online game. More and more players are joining this up-to-date SLG!

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Many SLG fans know that the key problem is resource. Assigning resources properly is good for upgrading building, recruiting army and so on. On the contrary, an uneven distribution of resources will be devastating to your whole castle. If you’re lack of lumber, you can't update building, and if you’re lack of food, you can't send your army to battle. In short, lacking any resources in WoL, you'll fall behind.

For players avoid lacking of resources, the trading market was specifically designed for resource transaction. In WoL, everyone can buy resources from others, or sell extra resources for gold. From most optimum distribution of resources, players can get needed resources. My trading market was LV 12. That means I can do 6 transactions at the same time, and the total amount should not exceed 60,000.

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In WoL, trading market is open among the whole faction, however many players only trade with friends of the same guild. Certainly there’s someone trading with strangers. This system goes with no harmful side effects. On the contrary, players can enjoy their business in WoL. Through augmenting the capacity of a guild, players' transaction amount could be larger, and players in the same guild will cooperate in a better way. All the players can help each other developing together. And everybody will feel the warmth from the big family—World of Lordcraft.

World of Lordcraft Screenshots

So, I suggest that players in the forum of WoL, if you can't update your building owing to a lack of some resources, you'd better join a big guild, and trade with other members!

The help is mutual. If you help me today, I'll help you when you stuck in trouble! If we all hang together, you'll enjoy your adventure in WoL. When enemy is coming, when lacking of resources, when you need some help, your guild members will stand beside you!



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