Cleopatra in World of Heroes 2.1, Fatal Attraction!

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World of Heroes

The last pharaoh of the Ptolemaic dynasty, Cleopatra, possessed unearthly beauty and talent. She lived among kings and her political prowess was well renowned.

Some say, Cleopatra was "the Nile River's Courtesan" and "The snake of the Nile River". Some say, that she was the muse of poets and the hostess of revelers. The Romans detested her because she nearly annexed Rome. The Egyptians praised her as a brave, because she won Egypt twenty-two years of peace.

No matter where this legendary figure roams, she generates the stories of legend and the highlights of history. Now, World of Heroes 2.1 stands at the crossroads of war. How will the land survive this strife, and who will rise to the challenge?

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Cleopatra sat veiled by sheer golden curtains. Anthony approached, and instantly fell for her charm and beauty. He did not blame Cleopatra for her conduct during the battle of "three heads", but also consented to all her desires. Within a few days, Anthony was completely captivated by her, and followed her to Egypt.

Cleopatra's greatest weapon is her beauty, which captures the hearts of warriors. In World of heroes 2.1, she protects Anthony. Cleopatra, the famed beauty, will oppose you in your conquest.

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Cleopatra appears in Western India, the 6th map in World of Heroes2.1. Players must face the valiant Anthony to conquer this map. However, expect a difficult confrontation.

Anthony's trusted advisor will attempt to stop your forces. Cleopatra's army also possesses capable warriors and will bar your path. There will be three Egyptian corpses to prevent you from finishing your assignment, and the vice leaders of these corpses, the leader, cavalry officers, centurions, armor soldiers and even the famous Agrippa will all be your adversaries.

With a variety of battle options, melee combat, ranged combat, spells, and defensive maneuvers, it's important to learn how to use army formations. Coordinating your armies and using special talents is your responsibility.

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Battling in World of Heroes 2.1

World of Heroes has a masculine feel as most of the bosses and NPCs are male.  To break the gender imbalance, World of Heroes introduces Cleopatra, and gives her a leading role in the game world. Meeting with Cleopatra at the outpost will excite players. Will you quake in the face of such a charming boss?

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 Of course, challenging fights are bound to be followed by wonderful rewards. World of heroes 2.1 has prepared many powerful items for player who defeat area bosses. Explore the world and become a legend in the Enroth!

Join World of Heroes; Join Yeepame.

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