World of Heroes Guide: Dragon Slaying

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World of Heroes

With multi-player battles, over 72 spells, captivating 3D scenes, beautiful 2.5 D battles, and an arena full of powerful magic! World of Heroes is a real strategy adventure!

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Dragon Slaying is one of the most popular activities in World of Heroes. Every player has the opportunity to wield his weapon and slay a dragon.

Arrogant dragons work together with the blue hero and plot to invade the Holy Magic city. While the dragons distract the guards, the blue hero sneaks into the Magic city to steal the dark magic core. As the blue hero achieves his goal, the king of darkness imprisoned for thousands of years will be set free. The dark machinations of a thousand years will soon be unleashed upon the world, and a devastating battle for revenge will overtake Enroth.

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Fight for the peace and quiet of the land. The dragons are laughing at you and the blue hero has become their pawn. They are mystical creatures. Some are good at attacking, some at defense, some at long-distance attacks. Certainly, if you believe in yourself, you can find a way to defeat them.

During "Dragon Slaying" the blue hero appears at a different place each time. The system randomly updates the specialties of the blue hero. So you never know what specialties the next hero has. Adjusting to changing circumstances is crucial to slaying dragons.

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If you manage to defeat the blue heroes, then you are going to fight against the real boss, the powerful dragon. It has extraordinary supernatural powers, a massive frame and an innate comprehension of magic. The final storm will burn down the whole battlefield. When you are fighting against the dragon, you need patience, strength and self-confidence!

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