World of Ants Review

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World of Ants

by dido

World of Ants

In World of Ants instead of role-playing military leader, you will act as an Emperor ant, responsible for building your own colony into the prettiest anthill which boasts robust economy and mighty army. Thanks to its inviting anthill setting, it replaces the stereotyped build mode featuring constructions horizontally located on land with the vertical structure of huge ant colonies full of small niches serving as different builds. Not failing its back story, the entire in-game graphic is beautifully crafted, presenting an artistic and comfy home beneath the meadow which consists of complicated network of variously shaped caves lit up by strings of small bulbs. After the first step of capital creation, you will be greeted with the tutorial. Unlike the usual guidance that offers consecutive steps of unlocking builds, the tutorial only provides a demonstrative quest, e.g. to build Water Supply to power Chambers and Mines, leaving the rest build-up to your will. Although the tutorial is sort-of sketchy, the concise and explicit interface does help a lot acquaint you with the basic gameplay easily and quickly: seven icons in the top center display the storage of five resources, population and the amount of Sugar Cube (the in-game premium currency), and the eleven icons at the bottom end covers the core play around build, military, trade, diplomacy and quests as well as lesser contents about item shop and chat among players.

World of Ants

As usual, resources lay foundation for the development of colony, so construction of various mines to generate water, wood, stone and iron is the priority. Without limitation on build number, you can build or upgrade as many chambers and mines as you like, which greatly improves the speed of progression. Yet you have to pay attention to the resource consumption involved, for unstinted build may easily incite the unwise move of building unnecessary chambers too early, which in turn eats up resources quickly and finally drags down the development.

Important as it is, resource accumulation is only prelude to more engaging colony build and military action. To build a complete anthill is a large project, which involves construction of 18 or so types of chamber, covering Living Quarters, Marketplace, Hideout, Siege Weapon Constructor, Priest chamber and Church, just to name a few. Only if the military-related builds such as Training Chamber, Armory and Research, etc. are constructed, you can shape a powerful army made up by utmost 13 types of units including both fighting ants and battling vehicles. Also 11 types of weapon covering swords, bows, shields and armors are also available to be built.

A powerful troop in arm, it’s only natural to flex the muscle in the warfare, which necessitates strategic play. If you are really obsessed with strategy, you can delve into it as deep as you wish. To ensure the greatest odds of victory, many a factor should be taken into consideration, such as the necessity of an Espionage to estimate the possible resistance, the effect of Morale rate on the strength of troop units, the countable traveling time based on the distance in-between and the marching speed of dispatched units, and the flexible use of Unit Boost to tackle down unit-specific Favorable Opponent by 50% more attack and defense value, etc. Also, no matter whether you prefer fighting alone or together with a guild, you can equally enjoy the tactic battle to the brain-racking extent.

Besides, there is an in-depth Trade system, in which you can enjoy the bargain over resources in the marketplace or even the black market. Being a shrewd trading partner, you can benefit from the make-and-counter-offer there.



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