WMD Tank Battle Guide: New Player Guide

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WMD Tank Battle

WMD Tank Battle is a multiplayer map conquest PBBG with silly 2d graphics. This is a quick walkthrough of the basic game for first timers.

WMD Tank Battle Guide: New Player Guide

By knuts on official forum

Your guy is the tank - the first thing to do is take over the map, so move a few spaces closer to the command post by clicking on the map, and click the command post to fire.

Once the enemy command post is dead, you control the map. Using the "Deploy Menu" dropdown, put down a command post and any other units you feel like building. These units are computer controlled, but they work for you and will attack any enemy tank that wanders in to the sector. You should probably put some houses down to get started with your economy - houses generate money every 10 minutes, but they do not fight. You can tell if you are in a friendly sector or an enemy sector by the color of the sector text on the top right and the map border (red for enemy, green for yours) or by using the world map. You can move to another sector using the black arrows at the edges of the screen.

Gameplay in WMD Tank Battle is sort of turn based and sort of real time - the computer always goes after your action count is up, but there is no limit on the number of turns you can take, and missiles and other players on the world map move in real time.

The neutral sectors on other planets are more heavily populated than on the practice worlds, but are usually easy to take out by going right for the command posts. You will soon run into sectors that have been built by other players in the game, which can be way harder to conquer.

Don't spend a lot of money on upgrades initially - deploy houses to get your eco up


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