Wizard 101 Guide: Level 48 Hybrid Pet Mixes

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KeyWord: Wizard 101, Wizard 101 Guide, Wizard 101 Pet Mixes, Wizard 101 Hybrid Pet, RPG, 3D

This guide is about the level 48 hybrid pet mixes in Wizard 101. These pets are not a guarantee... You might in fact end up with your own pet back.

Also, if you are hatching from two lvl 48 pets, you are more likely to get the pet back that has the most of your own schools DNA.


Hatching a Stormzilla and Wraith... If you are the owner of the Wraith, you have more of a probability to get the Tempest rather then the Grimzilla. The owner of the Stormzilla has more of a chance of getting the Grimzilla.

Wizard 101: Level 48 Hybrid Pet Mixes



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