Review of Wild Guns

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Wild Guns

Wild Gunsis an online browser based game created by the developers at Gameforge. It features empire building and combat that takes place in the Wild West.

Wild Guns

This is a review from Bright Hub, explaining to us that Wild Guns is easy to learn and fun to play. It's a game that can be recommended to everyone who likes strategy MMO style games. Check details below:

Review of Wild Guns

By brlamc on Bright Hub


Wild Guns Game Play

Wild Gunsis easy to learn and very fun to play. The interface and menu system are very well done and the game has a good basic tutorial for new players. The seven day new player protection makes is easy for the beginner to build up a town before facing attacks from more experienced players.

While there is no sound, the graphics are adequate for a browser game. There is a messaging system and forums but for some reason there is no in-game chat system. This game could be much better if there was a chat system because sending endless messages can become tedious.

The map is well done but some areas of it seem over cluttered with structures and empty towns. The game could use some new servers to clean up the clutter on the map. There is also a good manual at the top of the page that is well done and easy to follow.



I can recommend Wild Guns to anyone who likes strategy MMO style games. The three factions in the game are unique and offer up challenging gameplay options. The interface and map are well done for a browser game and there is that important fun factor in the game play.

If you like Wild Guns try Evony or Ikariam for some more browser strategy game action.


Wild Guns



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