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Web Fiesta

Here is some useful information to help you along the way.

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If you're looking for more general information about Fiesta, check out the Game Guide.

Trouble Shooting & Specific Questions

Q: What is Web Fiesta?

A: Web Fiesta is a new way for players to enter and play Fiesta Online. It shares the same game information as the full Fiesta application so your progress in Web Fiesta and the full Fiesta application contributes to your total Fiesta Online progress. If you level in Web Fiesta, you will see the same progress when you log back in through the full Fiesta application and vice versa.

Q: How do I get to Web Fiesta?

A: The URL for Web Fiesta is

Q: So why Web Fiesta? Why should I play?

A: If you already have Fiesta installed on your computer, it may not be necessary to play Web Fiesta. Web Fiesta is designed for players who are playing on a new computer and want to get into the game without having to download/install the entire game. Web Fiesta will download the necessary parts needed to start the game so you can get into the game sooner.

Q: Does Web Fiesta download the game?

A: Yes, Web Fiesta does download the game to your computer. The difference is that Web Fiesta will download the necessary parts to start the game first, letting you get into the game sooner.

Q: Does Web Fiesta download the game every time I log in?

A: No, Web Fiesta downloads the game to your computer and saves it so that you do not have to download the game every time you log in. However, it does download Fiesta in a different manner than the full Fiesta application. So even if you are playing Web Fiesta and want to play the full Fiesta application, you will need to download and install the full Fiesta application (if you have not already done so). This also applies if you are playing the full Fiesta application and wish to start playing Web Fiesta.

If you wish to download the Fiesta application, you can do so here.


Q: Do I need to download any plugins?

A: Web Fiesta requires Java so you will be required to download and install Java if you do not already have it. You can also download Java directly from the Oracle site here. (

Q: What is Spawnapps?

A: Spawnapps is the company and program OnsOnSoft (Fiesta developer) and Outspark have partnered with to provide Web Fiesta to our users.

Q: I got a security warning to allow Spawnapps to run. Do I have to?

A: Yes, in order to enjoy Web Fiesta you will need to allow Spawnapps to run.

Q: If Web Fiesta safe?

A: Yes it is. We place a high value on your information you provide and an equally high value on your game data. We are committed to data security. You can find more information about this and other questions about information in the Outspark Privacy Policy. (

Q: If I already have Fiesta installed, should I try Web Fiesta?

A: While the decision is ultimately up to you, if you already have Fiesta installed and are able to run it well, Web Fiesta may not be for you.

Q: I have a slow connection, should I try Web Fiesta?

A: If you have a slow connection, we'd strongly recommend playing Fiesta through the full Fiesta application. While you may be able to get into the game sooner, since Web Fiesta is download new content as your gaming experience requires it, you may not have a good gaming experience if your connection is slow. You can download the Fiesta application here. (

Q: If I pay per MB, or I have a limit on the amount of bandwidth I can user per month, will Web Fiesta be better? Or should I download and play the downloadable version?

A: If you are paying by amount of download per month (or other period) we strongly suggest you play Fiesta through the full Fiesta application.

Q: Can I log into both Web Fiesta and the full Fiesta application at the same time? How about on different accounts?

A: No, you will not be able to log into both at the same time on the same account or different accounts. Depending on the order in which you try, one instance of Fiesta Online will automatically shut down.

Q: Am I allowed to have more than one version of Web Fiesta running through using multiple tabs or browsers?

A: No, you will not be able to run more than one version of Web Fiesta on one computer.

Q: Can I play Web Fiesta on a Apple computer or MacOSX operating system? Can I play in Linux other other OS?

A: Unfortunately not at this time. Currently, Web Fiesta does require a Windows operating system with the same spec requirements as regular Fiesta. However, if you are using an Apple computer and running Boot Camp, you may be able to play Fiesta both through Web Fiesta and the full Fiesta application. To find out more information click here. (

Q: I'm running a 64bit version of Internet Explorer, Firefox, or some other browser. How come I can't play Web Fiesta?

A: Unfortunately at this time the technology powering Web Fiesta is not supported in 64bit browsers. However in most browsers, the default setting it to run at 32bits. So unless you've made a change so your default browser is a 64bit browser, you will be able to play Web Fiesta. It should also be clear that this is referring to the browser itself, and not your operating system. Web Fiesta will work in 64bit operating systems, but not in 64bit browsers at this time.

Q: What browser is Web Fiesta compatible with?

A: Currently Web Fiesta is compatible with most major browser including Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome. We recommend Firefox for playing Web Fiesta. We were able to play Web Fiesta through Safari on a Windows computer, but you may experience some issues in doing so.

Q: Why is this a Beta?

A: With all major launches, we're launching Web Fiesta as a Beta. While Fiesta Online itself is no longer in Beta, the technology powering Web Fiesta is new and thus our decision to launch as a Beta. With that said, we'd love to hear any feedback you have in regards to Web Fiesta. You can leave us some feedback on the forums here.

Q: Can I play Web Fiesta in Full Screen mode?

A: Web Fiesta can be enjoyed in Full Screen mode. There is a button to enable Full Screen mode towards the top left corner of the Web Fiesta game screen. However, you will not be able to enter Full Screen mode during the Server Select or Character Select screens. Please wait until you have completely loaded into Web Fiesta before enabling Full Screen mode.

Q: Can I change the resolution for Web Fiesta?

A: Unfortunately you are not able to change the resolution to play Web Fiesta in. If you would like to specify a specific resolution to enjoy Fiesta, we suggest downloading the full Fiesta application here. (

Q: I have a different question that isn't answered here. What should I do?

A: If after reading, you still have more questions please submit a ticket to our Customer Support team. Be sure to select Web Fiesta from the Product sub-category.

Q: Does Web Fiesta have the same user interface as the full Fiesta application?

A: From a control and UI stand point, Web Fiesta does have the same UI as the full Fiesta application. However there are functions (such as resolution selection) which you will not have access to by playing Web Fiesta.

Q: I'm trying to play Web Fiesta, but every time I click the start button it just goes back to the start screen. What do I do?

A: This issue should only impact players who are trying to access Web Fiesta relatively soon after opened the service. The issue is that some of the content distribution nodes around the world have not fully updated with the appropriate content. Depending on where your internet service provider is getting the content from, the time it takes may vary. If you experience this problem, we suggest delete the cache files from the Spawnapps folder and then trying again later.

Q: Will I experience a difference in lag with Web Fiesta?

A: Lag is actually a combination of many things, so it will be hard to give a perfect answer that suits all situations. However the first time you play Web Fiesta it will take a while to load the content and even after starting the game, your gameplay may periodically be interrupted due to additional content being loaded. However, once you have all the game content loaded, there should be not significant different in lag between Web Fiesta and the full Fiesta application.

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