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Wartune Verdict: 10/10 Must Play

R2games has done it again. After Crystal Saga they have published another great game with awesome game play content. We 100% vouch for Wartune and its game play. If you are looking for a new cool strategy game to play, you should definitely give Wartune a try. Below are some of the top reasons that make Wartune an awesome 5 star game to play.

Hero Development

In Wartune, you start with your basic 3 classes of heroes: Knight, Mage, and Archer. However, the true character development comes from the use of Gems and Astrals. Based on the combination and build, you can create and battle other players with your unique builds. As a strategy rpg, we think that this aspect of Wartune truly outshines versus other games where the development of heroes are quite limited.

PvP Content

The PvP content is plenty for the players who love to battle against other players. Wartune offers multiple instances where you can have real time battles against other players. This is different from some of the games that only allows you to battle other players "setup" that is controlled by AI. The various PvP scenarios make Wartune one of the best PvP strategy game.

Single and Multi Player Dungeons

Some of the best in game loots must be gained through the player dungeons. This let you to play with many players in the game. In addition, the multiplayer dungeons are challenging enough that it is almost always better to team up with other players.


Server Progression: Like most of the similar games, as the server ages, the player base begins to lower and it may be hard to find parties at lower level. Your best bet is to join the newest servers because those servers have the most populations.

Timing: The in game events are sprinkled throughout the day, if you truly want to be awesome at the game, it may eat away your life. But however the winners are the ones who can participate in all of the events such as the world bosses, arena fights, battlefields, and more. This is both a con and a pro to the dedicated players.

Grind: You will not really feel the grind until you pass level 40+. The leveling rate quickly slows down after the level. Although you gain the majority of your experiences through dungeons, we are still not a big fan of the slow leveling speed.

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