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Wartune has already updated to patch 1.6 and there are many new things also the rune system. For the new rune system we don't have to buy the runes from shop, we just have to learn it and upgrade it. I share you the guide about how to use the new rune system. Runes are activated when you have reached lvl 35.

I have many old runes that i haven't use what should i do with it?
If you think that the old runes are not useful because there is a new one, and you want to sell it STOP! The old runes can also be used for upgrading the new runes, so don't sell it because its useful. For those who sold it there is nothing you can do to get the old runes back.


I am lvl 35 but i can't seem to learn anything from the rune tab
To get the first rune you have to complete the quest which orders you to be lvl 35 after that you will have your first rune which is brutality rune



Where do I find the new rune tab?
If you don't know/forget this is where,
First click the skills button. At the side of the tab there is Skills, Runes and Talents, so click the Runes. After that click only the shining 'learn' button that means you have the item to learn the new rune.

How do i upgrade my runes?
Now for upgrading runes you will have to need the old rune (if you didn't sell it) or runestones. After you click the skills and go to rune, click the '+' button beside your learnt rune. The next step you will have to do is putting the old runes and runestones to the slots below the new rune and then click consume . if you have many runes just click Input all (beside consume button) after that your new rune will have exp. After getting much exp your new rune may lvl up. To upgrade rune to lvl 2 you need to be lvl 38 to lvl 3 you need to be lvl 41 and so on. When the runes lvl up it will upgrade its effects, the cooldown time and the limit per battle.



Where can i get runes and runestones?
You can get runestones from tank trials (Everyday 21.00-21-25 the same time like battleground), mystery shop (if you have balens) or from the rewards of 80 devotion(runestones). (tank trials also give new runes)


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