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Thanks to s5051149 for sharing this Wartune guide.

The Astral: Ruthlessness
Description: Floating damage increase by (x)%
Its purpose: Expanding the minimum and maximum damage boundries

The explanation:

1) Minimum and maximum damage boundries:

What exactly do we understand under these concepts? At any point in the game your Physical and Magical attack are always linked to a minimum and maximum amount of damage that will be used for the damage calculations. The easiest way to explain this will prolly be by an example so that' exactly what I'll do.
Let's say that for this example we have an attack power of 100. (This to make percentages even more clear and easy to understand)
In general we can say that there is a 20% fluctuation take into account that infect this damage so:
Atk power 100 , 20% fluctuation = 20, this means your minimum damage = 100-20=80 and your maximum damage = 100+20=120
These 2 values are the maximum and minimum damage boundries.

How the astral works:

As said before, this astral is meant to expand your minimum and maximum damage boundry. To keep it easy and for clarifying puposes only we're gonna apply 10% as our floating damage increase
So, again with our previous example:
Our minimum damage = 80
Our maximum damage = 120
These boundries are both expanded by 10%:
Minimum damage 80 will decrease bij 10%(10% of 80=8): 80-8=72 resulting in 72 as our new min damage boundry.
Maximum damage 12 will increase bij 10%(10% of 120=12): 120-12=132 resulting in 132 as our new min damage boundry.

So we can see that maximum damage increased more in comparisson to our minimum damage. This is also what makes it rewarding to use the astral instead of just leaving it to pure luck as others presume.
Quick overvieuw to back this up with the numbers:
The original boundries min 80 and max 120 are both 20% increase/decrease of our atk dam of 100
The new boundries with the Ruthlessness astral are: Max 132: 32% increase of our atk dam of 100 and Min 72: 28% decrease of our atk damage of 100

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