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PvP is a huge part of the game in Wartune to show who is a better player. In this guide specifically geared toward PvP, we will go over everything PvP related in Wartune. Please let us know if we have missed any aspect of the game. Also we'd appreciate your valuable feedback too on how to win more easily in Wartune PvP setting.

How do You PvP in Wartune

There are two types of PvP setting in Wartune. The first one is the solo PvP where you battle the AI controlled setup of another player. The second type is the group PvP arena where you fight along with 2 other people against another 3 man team. We will go further into details on how these PvP work, and what you can do to win more often and more easily in Wartune PvP settings.

Solo PvP can be activated in three ways – The daily duels and enemy City plunder or gold mine takeover.
Arena PvP is only available daily for 1 hour. It is typically between 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. depending on your server chosen and local time.

This guide will give some information and tips about the Solo Wartune PvP and Groupe Wartune PvP. Then we will go ahead and discuss some of the more generic player versus player strategies that can be used in both PvP scenarios.

Solo PvP Setting and Strategy

When you do solo PvP in Wartune, you will fight along with your troops against AI controlled enemies. In this setting, you will typically have higher winning chance because the AI's are not exactly smart. To increase your winning chances of Solo PvP, you will have to make both your Wartune heroes stronger and Wartune troops stronger at the same time. We will go over these Wartune PvP settings in more detail below.

Wartune Solo Duels Tips

In dueling, you can have up to 20 duels in a day with a 10 minute cooldown between each duels. Based on your ranking in the duel arena, you can claim certain amount of Wartune Gold and Daru every 3 days. When you go into the Duel Lobby, you will see several people with more or less 10 ranks above you. You will have to pick out a person to duel in PvP. You can collect the solo challenge rewards every 3 day in the game. You will be able to collect from the button that pops on the top of your screen.

Picking your opponent is key to winning in this setting. When you are in the top 100 consistently in your server, you can more or less estimate their levels, equipment, and the troops that they command. Your goal to keep advance in your ranking is to know who are the opponents that you can beat.

In general, if you are a mage, you want to go after knights. If you are a knight, you want to pick on Archers and other knights. You will typically win over AI if you play strategically in Solo Wartune PvP battles. If you are an archer, you can go after either knights or mage because of your stronger attack. However, mages will still be easier kill due to the lower def.

Troops Formation
Troops formation does not mean much in PvP battles of Wartune. Most of the time when you are facing archers or mages, their multiple target skills will usually take out your troops fast. But in most cases you should still place your Wartune troops behind you in PvP situation for additional support damage.

Multi Hit Skills
To counter the setup mentioned above, your multi hit skills are extremely important to take out enemy troops early on in the dueling match. By taking out the troops within 1~2 turns, you can avoid taking on damage from PvP troops.

Plunder Effectively

To plunder effectively, you should know your opponent and try to plunder targets that you know that you can kill for sure. By winning PvP plunder battles in Wartune, you are awarded with valuable Kyanite. Kyanite in many cases is more valuable than Wartune gold. Thus, your goal is to secure the highest winning chances in the plunder PvP setting. You'd rather attack someone that you know that you can win for sure, rather than taking a 50/50 chance.

Gold Mine Takeover

Taking over a higher level gold mine can be a worthwhile tactic to earn more Wartune gold in PvP setting. However, if you do not play often on a consecutive hourly basis. You may find it better to occupy lower level Wartune gold mines simply so that other people will not attack you.

Group Arena PvP

Group Arena is essential in Wartune for you to get more Wartune gears and equipment. This is the only place in game where you will be playing against other Wartune players in real time. You will join group of 2 other players and be automatically matched against 3 other players of similar arena ranking and battle rating. However, through some basic test and experience, we have found that the matching is more heavily based upon the highest arena ranked player in the team.

Intentional Lower Your Arena Ranking
By lowering your arena ranking through losing in the arena, you will end up being matched with easier opponents in the group PvP setting. The worst rank to have for the Wartune group arena pvp is around 30~50. At this range you are very likely to be matched against top 20 players because the top players typically group together in teams. By having ranks in the 30~50, you will find yourself killed quite often in the group arena in Wartune.

Party with Similar Arena Ranking Players
Because the matching process is determined mostly by the highest rank PvP party member, it is essential for you to party with people of similar arena ranking and battle rating. This ensures that your team will have proper matches with better chance of winning in Wartune group PvP.

Wartune Arena PvP Team Selection
Selecting the right team mate is also important to winning the PvP arena event. You want at least one Knight tank in your PvP party and the other two members can be either Archer or Mage. You do not want to have two knights in the party because your PvP team will most likely not do enough damage to win.

Formation Matters
If teammates matter in PvP, the formation also matters. Make sure that you place tanks in the front, archers follow, and place mages at the end. The Wartune mages typically have lower defense and is used for AoE damaging and or healing support role. Having right PvP arena formation is important to help your team win.

Generic PvP Strategies

In this section we will go over Wartune PvP Fighting strategies that can be applied to solo PvP and arena PvP in Wartune.

Use of High Level Runes
The higher level runes can make or break your PvP game play. Runes are special one time use consumables that have various effects. Because runes will use up one movement from your character, you want to use higher level runes that can be more of use to you. Most of the higher level runes are all useful in both the solo and group Wartune PvP situations.

Take Advantage of PvP Timer
Note the different timers during your PvP fights. For every 60 seconds in the Wartune PvP fight, the damage will be increased by 50%. This means that you should save your bigger hits using rage at the exact moment when your damage gets boosted. By timing your big attack moves with the timer in PvP, you will have higher odds of winning and killing the opponent in Wartune PvP.

Potions and Stats Scrolls
Other things that you can do is to drink up all the stats enhancing potions and scrolls. Most of the players will take this extra step in Group PvP to ensure higher chances of winning the PvP matches.

Skill Cooldown and Timing
By this time you should notice that certain skills and attacks take longer to prepare and launch. Learn the timing of these skills to execute more hits than your opponents. Sometimes getting extra hit in may be better than using a wasteful skill in Wartune PvP.

Skills Strategy
Depending on your opponent, you should pick and use the different skills. Some of the skills will pinpoint and target certain groups depending on their HP and/or position. Combine different factors from skills is key to winning Wartune PvP games.

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