Wartune Patch 6.5 Guide

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R2Games Presents the Wartune 6.5 Patch Update:

Holy Sword - A legendary weapon of the old gods. Claim yours to become as invincible as they once were!

Holy Sword Temple - Test out your Holy Sword Skills and invincibility in this temple!

Time Portal - The door to time and space has been unlocked... Are your sylphs powerful enough to demolish these time-warped demons and reap the rewards?

Magic Inn - Hey, have a friendly chat or perhaps a drink or two with some wandering souls. Who knows what you might learn or get in return...

Guild Treasure - Large quantities of guild treasure have been discovered! Dig them up for fantastic rewards!

New Guild Chamber Feature: Soul Collection - The more souls you collect, the more materials you get!

Speed Clearance - Team up and smash this time challenge with your friends!

Rave - Join our party and rave the night away in return for some exciting sur..prizes!

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