Wartune Guide: Mythic Sylphs

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How to Obtain: Mythic Sylphs can be obtained after a second refinement.






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    Second Refinement Requirements:
    1. Lvl. 80+ Legendary Sylph that has already been refined.
    2. Refinement materials: Moon Rock and Moon Dust. Light & Dark Sylphs require additional Divinity Stones.

    Required Items:
    • Moon Rock
    • Moon Dust
    • Divinity Stone

    A single second refinement consumes:
    • Moon Dust x500
    • Moon Stone x500

    Refining Light & Dark Sylphs will require an additional Divinity Stone x500.

    Either Enchanting or upgrading sylph or legendary quality or above will requires Adv. Sepulcrum and Adv. Mahra.




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