Wartune Guide: How to Get Rid of Your Surplus Sylph EXP Scrolls

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Face this: all your sylphs have reached maximum exp. Still you receive Sylph EXP Scrolls. You can't sell them and so they will use a spot in your inventory for nothing.

Your Sylphs still need enchantment. Therefore you need Sylph Sepulcrum, and one way is to hunt Sylphs in the atoll. Here's what to do:

- Collect 60 essence of any element. If you're lucky you receive a Sylph Seal right away. If that happens you can skip the next two steps.

- Exchange the essence for a Sylph Seal.

- Select the Sylph Seal in your inventory and press 'use'. It is now developed in a white, green or even blue Sylph Seal.

- Select the Sylph Seal again and press 'use'. The Sylph icon in the bottom control bar starts blinking and jumping.

- Open the Sylph window and activate your new Sylph. Close the Sylph window and open your inventory.

- Select your Sylph EXP Scrolls and use them all in bulk. Close the inventory.

- Open the Sylph window and activate another sylph to your liking.

- Go to your newest sylph which received the EXP from the scrolls and sacrifice it. Now you receive at least one Sylph Sepulcrum and your useless scrolls are gone.



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