Wartune Guide: How to Gather Free Balens

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A lot of us users are constantly put at a disadvantage without the ability to purchase balen in Wartune. This guide is being written in the spirit of assisting users in getting balens to supplement their gameplay. Make no mistake this will be more difficult than simply purchasing balens and requires patience and the the persistence to make any significant difference.

1. R2 Games Free Balens System

1.1 Type

Videos: 1-6 Balens

The video offers are typically pretty simple, in simple turns watch the video(Or until you receive the offer) and sometimes visiting a website afterwards. This is generally the most reliable form of gathering balens.

Software: 16 - 100(Varies alot)

This area has a very grey area, the software in which you are downloading are normally bundled with malware/adware which can be a pain to remove or even a greater pain to keep. Unless you are extremely familiar and efficent with removing this type of software I would advise doing this on a separate PC or a virtual machine(Post if you require more information about this).

Survey: 50-250

Surveys can be extremely rewarding although can be very boring and a pain to qualify for. I really have no advise in this area apart from filling them in consistently with the same information. When you generally qualify for a survey you will be required to input the same information because it has filtered you for that survey although not transferred the information.

Purchases: Varies

I personally do not do these offers so I have no advise to give, if anyone has please can you supply me with more information.

Oh no I have got scammed!

Do not panic, many of the offers will not pay you out so you will have to contact the companies. All of the companies have methods of contact links such as "Missing Balens?" on radiumOne or the "Total" value on supersonic. This will allow you to contact the companies about the offers which you have completed and get the missing Balens.

Now how do I get my balens?

This is where you have to prove to the company you have actually completed the order, luckily I have done this many times and advise in some areas. Generally they always require a screenshot(If you don't know how post and I will create a short guide), they also require the time because otherwise you can take someone elses screenshot you found from over a month ago.

Videos: There isn't really much way to prove this so I would advise generally just take a screenshot after the video with the link clearly visible, generally these are not worth disputing as some companies have limited ticket slots which are put to better use.

Download & Install software There are many forms of proof which you can provide in this area. The screenshots which you will want are ones after installation(Example), the application being open(Example) and finally a screenshot of the properties of the .exe file(Example)

Registration Some offers will require you to register to a website, there are two ways to supply sufficient proof in this area. Firstly is to take a screenshot of the email(Example) and to take the source (Example)

RadiumOne Applications:

SuperReward Applications:

Super rewards signups:

2. Slicethepie(Requires Paypal)

SliceThePie is a website where upcoming artists post their music to get reviews. The website pays you to listen to their music(90 seconds minimum) and typing a simple review on the product. The website pays you $0.02 to $0.20 per review, although this method will require a paypal account to receive the minimum payment of $10.

This may not be as good as the free balen offers provided by R2Games it is far more consistent but takes abit longer between payouts.

How it works?

Well once you have registered and picked you favourite type of music(Be careful as you will listen to these types of music). Once you have registered and logged in go to the scout section and start listening, enter what you thought in the song and give it a review by dragging the bar and press next to go onto the next song.

You do have a limit although I have never reached it so don't worry about it. Try not to repeat the same sentances over and over as it will say your review is too familiar.


There are a few tips that I can give you

  • Dont overdo it, it will just wear you out before you can reach the payout.
  • Have a structure for your review for example. First sentance overall review, Second sentance good points, third sentance things you didnt like. Finish it up with an overall review.

You can remember keywords to help you put together ideas and sentences, try to not over repeat them.

Positive Keywords

Passionate, Intriguing , professional, interesting, well executed,unique, fresh, distinctive, rich, warm, expressive, feeling, strong, attractive, appealing, confident, conviction, heartfelt, clear, stylish, impressive, pitch range, dynamic, edgy, raw, powerful

Negative keywords

Bland, Pathetic, Unoriginal,Uninspired,dull,predictable,thin, inconsistent, out of tune, pitch problems, expressionless, bland, self conscious,Weak, plain, safe, uninspired, lacking conviction, poor balance, untogether, over-sentimental, unvaried, lacking contrast, strident, harsh

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