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To become stronger in Wartune, you will have to socket gems to improve your Wartune gears. In this guide, we will go over everything you need to know about different gems available to socket and use in Wartune.

Wartune Gem Lists and Information

You can obtain Wartune gems through Daily Check-in, the Forgotten Catacombs, and the shop, and occasionally as quest rewards.

You can equip the different gems There are various gems as followed. The socket system in Wartune unlocks when your character reaches level 15. You can socket gems or remove gems from the gears. It should be noted that it costs certain amount of gold to remove gems from the gears. You can also open more gem sockets inside your gear with the socketing tool. The Wartuen gems are socketed into your gear to give you boosted stats. They can be combined to create stronger gems. They are well worth buying as they can be reused again and again. You can purchase the different Wartune gems inside the shop once you unlock it. However, it should be noted that once you socket a gem, the equipment will become bound.

Wartune Classes and Gem Socketing
HP Gem: Raise your HP. This is one of the most important gem in Wartune. Make sure that each of your gears have a HP gem slotted.
MDEF and PDEF Gem: Socket these gems to improve your Wartune character’s physical and magic defenses.
Crit Gem – Raises the critical chance. By raising the critical chance, you will improve your overall damage output.

MATK – Magic attack gem. Your mage is all about the magic attacks.

Knight and Archer Class
PATK – Physical attack gem. You want more PATK on your archers to achieve the maximum damage. For knight, you want a mix of PATK and DEF until you can make additional slots.

Block gem. This gem affects block which is the same as dodge. This gem is less useful until you have really high overall block rating on your character.

Charisma gem – Raises the troop count. This is important especially in crypt setting at very high levels. With stronger Wartune troops health, they can last longer in boss fights and support you better.

Gem Synthesis

Gem is the sure way of boosting your character’s battle power. However, because your gem slots are limited in Wartune, you will need to synthesize the different gems into higher level. It costs 4 of the lower level Wartune Gem to be combined into a higher level one. It should be noted that the level 5 gem requires a special shop item the Gem Transposer to create.

Gem Socketing

Each equipment can have up to 3 gem slots that you can socket gems into. Most of the Blue and Purple gears come with 1 slot, and Orange gears come with 2 slot. You can open up additional gem sockets with the socketing tool.

Wartune Gem List

Below is the list of Wartune gems and the amount of stats that they will add for you. You can create higher level gems by synthesize.

Gem Level1 Level2
Block 16 32
Charisma 8 16
Crit 16 32
HP 160 320
MATK 32 64
MDEF 32 64
PATK 32 64
PDEF 32 64

Wartune Soul Engraving and Gem Effects

Soul Engraving in Wartune is a great way to boost the power of your socketed gems in Wartune. This system become available for you in the game when your character reaches level 35. You can use the Wartune Soul Crystal to level up Soul Engraving level. The Soul crystals can be earned via solo or MP dungeons and Battleground Treasure Chest and other methods.

1 Soul crystal = 1 Soul Engraving EXP. As you level up the Soul Engraving level, your socketed and equipped gems will have a stat boost. You can level up your Soul Engraving level up to 80. The effect of Soul Engraving is permanent. Thus it is essential for you to level up your Wartuen Soul Engraving as much as possible. Below is the level of Soul Engraving and how they can effect your gem stats:

The soul engraving is more powerful when coupled when you have higher level gems in Wartune. You can gain Soul Crystals from campaigns and sometimes in quests.

level 1-50,Gem effects +2% per level
level 51-70,Gem effects +3% per level
level 71-80,Gem effects +4% per level

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