Wartune Guide: Forgotten Catacombs Crypt

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The Forgotten Catacombs also known as the Crypt in Wartune is a great place for you to earn some additional gems, and gears. In this guide we will offer some insights on how to excel at Wartune Crypt or Forgotten Catacombs.

Forgotten Catacombs Crypt Basic

The forgotten catacomb in a nutshell is a dungeon with 100 levels. You will be able to use the Wartune AFK mode inside here for your character to go through the dungeons. By running through the Crypt dungeon, you will earn various rewards such as Wartune Gem, Lucky Stone, and Crypt Tokens. The Forgotten Catacomb in Wartune is also a great source of experience points because you can level in Wartune by doing the AFK option.

How to Enter the Wartune Forgotten Catacomb

You have two chances of entering the Wartune Crypt per day. One is for free entrance, the other option is the "equipment" entrance which requires one Crypt Key. The Wartune crypt can be obtained at low chances from various methods such as drops.

For every 20 levels that you advance inside the Crypt, you can choose to start the daily entrance at every 20 levels. However, you should always start at level 1 for additional items and EXP gain. Just leave your computer on for AFK to run through the dungeon automatically. However, your troops will still die during the AFK session, so check back every so often to ensure you still have enough troops at your disposal.

Crypt Shop Notes

The main items that are sold include the materials to synthesize set equipment, Rings, scrolls to boost Health, Troop, or Defense.

How to Beat More Forgotten Catacombs Levels

You will have to really use your smarts to be able to advance through the levels. The crypt are one of the hardest features in Wartune. Beating Crypt levels can be deemed as one of the major ranking factors on how strong you are in the game.

For every 5 levels in the crypt, you will face a boss that will truly test your strength.

Recommended Minimum Stats

Below is a sample of the minimum stats that you should at least have why trying to go after certain stages. It also depends on the type of astrals, your skills, and your other stats. So this chart is simply a rough reference as to the ballpark stats. You can have stats alot higher than these and still fail. Otherwise is true, you can have stats lower than these and still beat the Crypt bosses.

Level 50: ATK 4200, PDEF 1300, MDEF 2500, Life 10000, Troop 620, Knight Level 30
Level 55: ATK 4600, PDEF 1600, MDEF 2900, Life 12000, Troop 680, Knight Level 33
Level 60: ATK 5100, PDEF 1900, MDEF 3300, Life 13000, Troop 740, Knight Level 36
Level 65: ATK 5700, PDEF 2200, MDEF 3700, Life 14400, Troop 820, Knight Level 38
Level 70: ATK 6400, PDEF 2500, MDEF 4200, Life 15500, Troop 880, Knight Level 40
Level 75: ATK 7100, PDEF 2800, MDEF 4700, Life 16800, Troop 960, Knight Level 42
Level 80: ATK 7800, PDEF 3100, MDEF 5200, Life 18000, Troop 1040, Knight Level 44
Level 85: ATK 8500, PDEF 3400, MDEF 5800, Life 19200, Troop 1140, Knight Level 46
Level 90: ATK 9200, PDEF 3800, MDEF 6400, Life 20400, Troop 1240, Knight Level 48
Level 95: ATK 9900, PDEF 4300, MDEF 7000, Life 21800, Troop 1360, Knight Level 50
Level 100: ATK 10500, PDEF 4800, MDEF 7600, Life 24200, Troop 1500, Knight Level 52

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