Wartune Guide: Draw Card Trick

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Hello everyone, below I'll show you some trick about how to draw card duel in Wartune, so that you can gain some good item you want. Thank MissHonest who made this guide.

First I will introduce level of item what will you draw from low level to high level

when You finished your duel battle you will choose one of 5 card like this

Wartune Screenshot

Look carefully, in 5 card there have different level !!!

how we will choose good item??

I will give you some example : [gray]☼[blue]☼[blue]☼[purple]☼[green]

the card with the lowest color will be exchanged with a card with a higher color. so gray will move to the purple card.

and other cards will remain in same path.

but when the card just like pict in above. card with same colour will exchange path. card Daru will in Voucher or otherwise high chance u will gain what do yo want.



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