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As you level up and progress in Wartune, the need of Gold will simply increase 10 fold. In this guide, we will go over everything that you need to know in Wartune to make more gold. By following this guide, you will make the best amount of gold possible. If you do not have some of the options available because of your level, simply take a note of these methods to improve your maximum Wartune gold gaining rate.

Wartune Quests

The most of the Wartune quest will reward you with decent amount of gold when you complete them. This include normal quests, daily quests, bounty quests, and guild quests. Whenever possible, focus your energy and Stamina to complete the various quests because they are important to unlock additional story lines in Wartune and give you the much needed experience points.

Wartune Town Hall

With Town Hall upgrades, your City will generate a certain amount of gold per hour. To earn the most gold in Wartune, always upgrade your Town Hall before most of everything else. It should be noted that Town Hall level also limits the maximum levels of the rest of your City buildings.

Wild Gold Mine Resources

When you occupy the different gold mines on the Wild Map, these gold mines will also generate a certain amount of gold for you per hour. Always go after the higher level gold mines that you can take down. The higher level the gold mines, the more gold that these Wartune gold mines can make for you. There is an active timer on the gold mines once you occupy it, you will have to take over another one when it runs out. Also, another player can also take over your Gold mines if they defeat you. Log in often to make sure that you still have the controls of the Wartune gold mines.

Tree of Ancients and Farming

Tree of Ancients and Farming is another great resource of Gold in Wartune. Get as many friends as possible and upgrade your farming level for maximum gold gain. You can check out the information on Wartune Farms in detail from our Wartune Tree of Ancients and Farm Guide.

Wartune Academy Gold Research

Upgrade your Academy’s Gold mine research can improve your gold generation further. Spend the Kyanite into gold research as much as possible because the overall investment over time will be worth it. Same with most of the other Wartune Academy research, the higher level you put into gold mine, the more Kyanite and time that the research will cost you.

City Level Wartune Gold Mine Upgrade

You will receive a gold mine building where you can upgrade. With higher gold mine upgrade, you will improve your Citywide gold making rate per hour. With higher level Gold Mines, you can make more gold in Wartune.

Wartune Gold Levy

Depending on the level of your Town Hall and Gold Mine inside your City, you can levy or tax your City for gold. Each Levy has a cooldown of 1 hour and you can levy 5 times per day. To make more gold with City gold Levies, level up and upgrade your Town Hall and Gold Mines as much as possible.

World Boss Fight in Wartune for Gold

World Boss Fight in Wartune is an important event that you must not miss. You will earn free Gold and Daru based on the amount of damage that you make to the boss. Whoever lands the final blow will make a whopping 700k Gold. You can check the World Boss button to see the available boss times for your Wartune Server.

Arena Ranking and Gold Reward

Based on the ranking of your Arena status, you can claim a certain amount of Gold and Daru per day. The higher level Wartune arena ranking that you have, the more gold and daru that you can claim. So equip and prepare yourself to get as high Wartune arena ranking as possible to win the most gold.

Wartune Guild Skill to Improve Gold Earning

With Guild skill, you can purchase gold boost which can increase your overall gold production by a percentage. Whenever possible, contribute enough gold to purchase this guild skill. With improve gold production, this skill pays itself back over time for you.

Misc Methods for More Gold

There are many other little methods throughout Wartune to make more gold. These include the various roulette spins such as guild blessing, VIP spin. You also have the login bonus, daily login bonus. Make sure that you hit all of these Wartune features to make the most gold possible. Another resources is through your usual playing in Campaign and Multiplayer battle, occasionally you will receive treasures from various items on the map.

Another mis gold earning methods is through the event gift packs. From time to time the game publisher will offer various gift packs when you purchase items in the game.

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