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You must have played a bit before you search for this guide to become a better player at Wartune. Most of the other existing guides are all over the place, however we have compiled a complete list to tell you exact how to become a better player and be strong in Wartune. We are happy to tell you that you have found the right Wartune guide. By following every tip mentioned in this guide, you will be able to have the strongest heroes along with his or her troops.

It should be noted that this guide is really a summary of every feature that we have written about Wartune. This guide will contain many links that lead to their corresponding sections.

Update and Upgrade Your Wartune Equipment

Gears play a huge role in making your Wartune team stronger like most of the MMORPG out in the market. Always make sure that your heroes are up to date with the latest gears. Some of the strongest gears that you can get in Wartune comes from Arena shops, crypt shops, and Cash promotions. Occasionally you will get decent gears from Campaigns and Multiplayer dungeons. Below are some of the ways to make your gears even stronger.

Wartune Gear Enhancement

When you receive or are going to equip new gears. Make sure that you enhance the first. With organe gears and proper enhancement you can more or less double its basic stats. You can Synthesize and use the lucky stones to increase your success chance and save Wartune Gold cost. Depending on the types of gears, different quality gears have different enhancement limit.
White: +3 Enhancements
Blue: +6 Enhancements
Purple: +9 Enhancements
Orange: +12 Enhancements
You will start with 100% success chance and decrease 10% for every level until the success chance reaches 10%.

Gem Slotting for Your Gears

You can slot in different gems to make your Wartune gears more powerful. Gems are extremely useful in Wartune because they can be recycled into your higher level gears in the future. Check out the Wartune Gem guide for more information.

Gear Refinement Method

If you are not happy with the stats that your gears offer, you can refine it to refresh the stats. However, this requires refinement stones which can be obtained through recycling your colored Wartune gears. Higher level gears typically will cost you more refinement stones. You can also spend some Balens to "lock" certain stats so that they do not get randomly generated again.

Note: After you have slotted gems into the gear, you cannot recycle the gears into refinement stones.

Wartune Troops Matters

Having strong and up to date troops can make or break your Hero in Solo PvP situations. Follow this detailed guide on how to level up and make your Wartune Troops stronger.

Academy Research to Improve Combat Abilities

You can use Kyanite to research different technologies to improve your heroes fighting ability as well as your troops fighting ability. You can read more into detail about Wartune Academy research guide.

Wartune Guild Skills

Joining a strong Wartune guild and keeping yourself updated with all the guild skills are important.

Astral System for Wartune

You can also increase the combat power of your Hero by using the Astral system. Additional information on the Astral System can be found at Wartune Astral Guide. The general guideline is to put as much gold into the stars to get the best power out of them.

Temporary Wartune Power Boosters

Lastly, you can use the temporary potions that you can buy from crypt shop, guild shop, and arena shop. These are powerful 1 hour potions that increase your attack, troop count, and health. Remember to use these for your tough Wartune battles.



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