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The key to winning in Battleground in Wartune is the similar to the Single Player arena, but however you can fight other players in real time. In this guide, we will go over everything that you need to know about battle grounds. With these tips and guides, you will be able to earn honor points faster and obtain those strong honor gears.

Please let us know if any information is incorrect and we will go ahead to fix them accordingly.

Wartune Battleground Basic Introduction

The battleground is a Wartune event that happens twice per day from 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm. There are two rounds of the Wartune battleground. Just like the Wartune World Boss, you can start entering the Battleground field 5 minutes before the battle, but you won't be able to fight until the event actually starts.

The battleground in Wartune is divided into two sides – Red side and blue side. Each side will have a total of 15 players This means that each battleground map can host up to 30 players at one time. Additional players after that will start a new Wartune battleground map. In battleground, your automatic HP potions will not work, the only way to regain health point in Wartune Battleground is through mage's or angel's heal, and runes. You will get HP refill when you die. However, you can also use points to refill your health.

The battleground will end when one of the side gets 5000 points. In addition, if neither side has earned enough points, the Wartune battleground will also end. The winning side will earn 80 insignia plus 90 honor points, the losers will earn 30 insignia and 30 honor points. The battleground can be divided into upper and lower parts with the middle being mining field. You can only leave the battleground 4 minutes after you join.

Wartune Battleground Points and Rewards

There are three ways to earn points in Wartune Battlegrounds. Collect mines and return to your base, and kill enemies. Below is a little run down of the various points and rewards that you can earn inside Wartune Battleground.

Kill enemy player: 20 points and 10 honor.
NPC lancer, hunter, or paladin: 200 points, 20 honor.
NPC Gryphon, 300 points, 30 honor.
Collect resources:
You will earn the following mines depending on luck.
10 points, 1 honor, 1 Battleground Treasure
20 points, 2 honor, 3 Battleground Treasure
30 points, 3 honor, 3 Battleground Treasure

You can exchange the treasure box the item synthesis screen in Wartune. The treasure box will drop kyanite, Wartune gold, and luck stones used in various upgrades.. Usually the boxes will drop gems level 2 or level 3.

Death and Goddess Buff

It should be noted that this does not apply in the english version yet
When you die inside the Wartune Battleground, you will only lose points but not honor unless you are ranked Crusader or higher. It takes 30 seconds for you to revive and the Rage points will carry over. In addition, you will earn a goddess buff that gives 30% to all stats. When you die, remember to adjust your troops count too so that you will be able to have higher troop HP throughout the entire battle.

Because the goddess buff can be stacked, you can use the following strategy to instantly boost your power. Take off of your Wartune gears and Wartune astrals. Die as fast as possible and try to land a kill against people that you usually would not be able to kill.

Fighting Tips in Battleground

We will go over some basic guidelines and strategies to help you win in Wartune battlegrounds. Use these tips to increase your Wartune battleground winning chances.

Play as a Team
Timing is key to winning in battlegrounds. To help your side win, your goal is to let the strong players battle each other while letting the weaker players earn points through mining. For strong players, you want to be able to kill enemy weaker players and stop them from mining.

Pick your opponents
Avoid players who you know that can kill you, and aim for the weaker players. By choosing your battles, you will earn faster honor and battleground points.

Get all Buffs
Just like in arena, you want to increase your winning chances by getting all the buff potions and scrolls before you enter to make yourself stronger.

Mine before Battle
If your battle power and low to mid, consider mining first before joining any battles. This way you can turn in your mines right after you die, this will save you the walking time.

Heal when Battle Ends
This is a strategy useful mostly for mages, if you know that you are going to win the battle. Try to heal as much as possible near the end. This way you will be able to start the next fight with almost full HP.

Setup Wartune Battleground Teams
Because the battleground has a pattern of inserting players into blue and red teams 1 by 1. You can try to setup with your strong friends into the same party by timing the entrances.

HP not full when exiting Battleground
When you do not have full HP when leaving the battleground, just unequip and equip an equip. Your HP will be refilled so you can enter the Wartune battle ground with full health points.

Wartune Honor Level and Titles

Based on the amount of Wartune battlegrounds honor points that you have earned, you will have different honor titles. You will be able to purchase and equip different honor gears depending on the amount of honor levels. Below is the level list of Wartune battlegrounds honor ranking. The gears can be purchased with Insignias in the arena shop.

Additional notes about honor points:
1. You can lose honor points when you have reached Crusader ranking.
2. Higher player level will increase daily honor gain.
3. Max honor gain per day is 3000.

Level 1 – Commoner
Level 2 – Private
Level 3 – Champion
Level 4 – Warrior
Level 5 – Elite Warrior
Level 6 – Crusader
Level 7 – Knight Crusader
Level 8 – Elite Crusader
Level 9 – High Commander
Level 10 – Lord Divine



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