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The Astral System in Wartune is a great way to make your character stronger. You are able to start capture Wartune Astrals when you reach level 25. In this guide we will go over more in detail on how the Wartune Astro system works, and how you can take the most advantage of it to make your character strong in Wartune.

What is Wartune Astral System

The Wartune Astral system unlocks when you reach level 25. It an important feature to make your Wartune hero stronger in the game. You can access the Astral capture screen at the bottom of the menus. The Astral in Wartune can be bought at 4000 Wartune Gold per piece. However, you can get one free Astral draw per day.

Astral Star System and Cost

Every day you will get one free Astral star draw, after that it will cost 4000 Wartune gold for each additional draw. Simply click on the planet to get the star draw. When you draw the star, you will capture the astral at different quality. Once in a while you will unlock chances to achieve stronger draws which is another planet. Higher level star draws has chances of granting you stronger Astrals.

The chances are completely random so you simply have to draw as many as possible. It should be noted that if you do not pick them up, they will be automatically sold back after 30 minutes.

The ranking of the stars as as followed:
Magus Star ->

Equipping Wartune Astral

To equip the astral in Wartune that you have drawn. You have to pick them up and putting them in inventory first. You can then switch to your profile astral screen to drag and drop them into the slots. You unlock additional Wartune Astral at different levels: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. You can only equip one type of the Astro at any given moment, so it is essential for you to save the strongest type that you have drawn for later uses.

Pretty much all of your Heroes stats have a corresponding astral. So depending on your Wartune class, pick up and equip your Wartune Astrals accordingly. For example mages equip MATK, etc.

Astral EXP and Level Up

You can level up Wartune Astrals by synthesize them together. The EXP from each Astral is never lost so you can continue to synthesize them into higher level. Different ranking and quality of Astrals have different leveling and EXP requirements. You can use 1 click Synthesis to quickly combine all of the Astrals together and save time. To avoid your Astral being one click synthesized, you can lock it. You can always unlock the astral by using the locking button again.

Another way to synthesis is to simply drag and drop one Astral to another.

How to Get Stronger Astrals

Because it is pretty random for you to take the draw from the Astral system. There are two schools of thoughts that can help you achieve higher level astrals.

1. Synthesize everything that you draw. This results in the highest possible Astral EXP gain.
2. Sell Green, Synthesize Blue’s, and Keep the Purple and Yellow. This method let you have more draws because you can get your Wartune gold back from selling the green astrals.

I personally synthesize all the astros that I can get because I think I will eventually take a couple good draws.

The Astral Shop

Every time you draw an Astral, you receive an astral point that can be used to exchange different Astrals in Wartune. We will compile a list of all exchangeable Wartune Astrals at a later time.

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