Wartune Astral Guide for Your Character Build

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There are lots of Astros you could find in wartune.

Here's the basic about astral that every player should know, the Astros' colour
- grey/white
- green
- blue
- purple/pink
- yellow/orange
- red

So far, red astral is the most powerful astral in game, but they're stat related, in other words there are some Astros that don't come in "red".

Here's a bit explanation of each astral
This astral is diff than the other astral, it ain't stat related, defensive, nor offensive astral. It gives 500 exp for your astral (only one astral). It costs 1k sp. If you wanna pump up your astral faster, energine was the best option.

2. Sniper's Edge/Enhanced Sniper's Edge/Refined Sniper's Edge/Pristine Sniper's Edge/Holy Sniper's Edge
Aka Crit (critical) astral, it gives you more crit stat. For an archer this astral is the 2nd astral that they should have. Without it, an archer is considered as a limp archer since archer deals crit base damage most of the time. The combo of high crit and high patk resulted in deathly dmg for their enemy.
I'm a mage and I have big trouble against archer who has high crit base dmg and mostly, mage hates those crit base dmg archers =///=
These days, crit mage and crit knight could be found often in game. They're using crit on their basic atk, since you can whack harder with crit.

3. Determination/Enhanced Determination
This one is crit astral's partner; you can't go all crit without this one. Determination is increasing your crit base dmg by %. Higher level gives more chance to whack your enemy with powerful crit.

4. Will Destroyer/Enhanced Will Destroyer
This astral is very useful for non-crit mage and knight. It increases your dmg by % and disables your crit.
Lots of powerful non-crit mage and knight are using this astral. They whack their enemy with painful dmg. So, don't use crit astral and will destroy at the same time lol

5. Mysticality/Enhanced Mysticality/Refined Mysticality/Pristine Mysticality/Holy Mysticality
Aka matk astral, this one can boost your matk. Remember this, ONLY mage using this astral.

6. Brutality/Enhanced Force/Refined Force/Pristine Force/Holy Force
Aka patk astral, this one can boost your patk. Archer and knight are using this.

7. Enshieldment/Enhanced Enshieldment/Refined Enshieldment/Pristine Enshieldment/Holy Enshieldment
Aka block astral, usually knight using this astral to boost their block stat. Lots of knights are using block for dodging dmg from their enemy. Higher your block, more often you dodge dmg from your enemy.
Mage and archer could use this astral too, but it more useful for knight since knight has skill that help them to block and "Meat-shield" is knight's nature XD

8. Ruthlessness/Enhanced Ruthlessness
Aka floating dmg, some peeps still confused bout this astral. I know bout it cuzz I <3 it XD
For example, lets say you have 20-100 dmg range, with floating dmg, your dmg range expands to 10-110. Good thing if you could get the high part of the dmg range, meaning you could whack harder and kill faster, but if you got the low part of the dmg range, well it takes longer to kill your enemy XD
Floating dmg work so well with crit.

9. Guardian Angel/Enhanced Guardian Angel
This astral help you to receive crit reduced by -%. Good choice for whoever has trouble with crit base dmg dealer lol
But, it ain't so helpful when you dealing with high crit dmg. Ex, you have 40k HP and a level 4 enhanced guardian angel (receiving crit reduced by -20%), then you dealing with a Delphic from a crit user by 10k-20k crit, meaning -2k to -4k crit only, you still losing 8k-16k of your HP. But when you have level 7 (receiving crit reduced by -35%) or higher, that's pretty helpful.

10. Goddess Blessing/Pristine Goddess Blessing
It reduces ALL dmg received by %. Higher the level, lesser dmg you received.

11. Aegis/Aegis Major
It reduces dmg value. To whoever that still confused bout dmg value, it's the dmg you received when you're in duel. It's popped up above your head each time your enemy inflicts dmg to you. Very useful for low level players who run in Nether Forest or Claristun.
I'll say lower than level 35 cuzz there is some level 35+ could deal 1-7k dmg in a PvP.
Don't use it on high level dungeon, not helping at all.

12. Blessed Health/Enhanced Blessed Health/Refined Blessed Health
This one can restore your HP by points. Higher the level, more HP you could get while attacking your enemy, but it has only 10% chance to restore. Higher your HP, lesser you could depend on it. Lets say you have 40k HP and 10% chance of restore 2k HP while attacking, hmm… not so helpful, ain't it?

13. Regeneration/Enhanced Regeneration
It gives you chance to regain HP to % of dmg dealt (10% trigger rate). Not so helpful when you dealt more or less than 10% trigger rate.

14. Brilliance/Enhanced Brilliance/Refined Brilliance/Pristine Brilliance/Holy Brilliance
Aka HP astral. It boosts your HP. Good for GB run when your job is whacking enemy's ward tower. But, it means you need more HP pack to replace your HP lost.

15. Charm/Enhanced Charm/Refined Charm/Pristine Charm/Holy Charm
With this astral, you can boost your troop counts. It's good for GB run also. Your troops can last longer against ward's attack.
More troops, means they will last longer against enemy's attack.

16. Fortitude/Enhanced Fortitude/Refined Fortitude/Pristine Fortitude/Holy Fortitude
Aka pdef astral, this astral boosts you pdef.

17. Willpower/Enhanced Willpower/Refined Willpower/Pristine Willpower/Holy Willpower
Aka mdef astral, this astral boosts your mdef.

18. Deflection/Enhanced Deflection
With this astral you have chance to deflect dmg you received by %. Good astral for you against stronger player.

19. Illusion/Enhanced Illusion
This astral can help you dodging dmg that you received. It's different from block. With block you still received some dmg, but with illusion you only received 1 DMG!!! But, not really helpful when you have low level illusion.


Offensive and defensive Astral

They ain't stat related but very helpful whether to defense your self or make you whack harder.
Offensive astral
- Determination
- Will Destroyer
- Ruthlessness
- Deflection
Defensive astral
- Guardian Angel
- Goddess Blessed
- Aegis
- Blessed Health
- Regeneration
- Illusion



Suggested astral for starter

Crit dealer
1. Archer
Level 25: patk, crit
Level 30: patk, crit, determination
Level 40: patk, crit, determination, optional
2. Crit mage
Level 25: matk, crit
Level 30: matk, crit, determination
Level 40: matk, crit, determination, optional
3. Crit knight
Level 25: patk, crit
Level 30: patk, crit, determination
Level 40: patk, crit, determination, optional
Optional: Goddess Blessed, Blessed Health, Illusion, Deflection, Regeneration, Guardian Angel, Ruthlessness, Fortitude/Willpower (can't use def combo just yet since you only have 4 slots at level 40)
Non-crit dealer
1. Mage
Level 25: matk, will destroyer
Level 30: matk, will destroyer, optional
2. Knight
Level 25: matk, will destroyer
Level 30: matk, will destroyer, optional
Optional: Aegis, Enshieldment, Goddess Blessed, Blessed Health, Illusion, Deflection, Regeneration, Guardian Angel, Ruthlessness, Fortitude/Willpower (can't use def combo just yet since you only have 3 slots at level 30)


If you have a hard time to get the partner of your astral, you can always use defensive/offensive astral first.
For example, crit mage, you have matk and crit astral at level 30, but you can't find determination, you can use the optional astral first until you get your determination.
You'll get a slot on your astral pack each time you level up (level 25, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80).

After getting closer with your astral of choice, now lets try a little trick to get "powerful" Astros ^3^
Every player start with 0 star point, even old players can start on 0 star point if they used their star points to exchange for a better astral

Magus (4k gold, 1 point)
Ceres (5k gold, 2 points)
Pallas (6k gold, 3 points)
Satum (8k gold, 4 points)
Chiron (10k gold, 5 points)


Exchange for astral

1k sp = energine
2k sp = purp astral
7k sp = yellow astral
15k sp = red astral (yuck… I know, it's so damn expensive XD)

When you're getting closer around 2k sp, astral will be nicer to you. It will give you more purps or yellow or red randomly. NO NEED to exchange, ya right… BUT, once you getting closer to 3k sp, astral will be a meanie again. You'll get more and more misfortunes, greens, and blues. It's just like they're trying to say, "Hurry and get 7k sp then exchange them for yellow astral, so I can torture you again."
The trick is get at least 7k sp as your basic sp. In other words, just pretend that your 7k sp is 0 sp so you can't use them to exchange.
And if you considered yourself "unlucky" with astral and decided to exchange, you'll get EXACTLY THE SAME astral that you just exchanged in 1-2 weeks later. That's how it works lol

How to get sp fast?

1. Sell all. Sell everything you get from astral, but yellow and red. This way you get more clicks (more clicks meaning more points). You can use yellow and red to pump up your astral or use energine instead.
2. Yummy purp. Sell everything you get from astral, but purp, yellow, and red. Lesser click than "sell all" way, but you don't have to buy energine to pump up your astral cuzz you have yummy purp to help you feed your astral. You get purp more often than yellow or red, so you can pump your astral each time you get purp.

How much exp each astral gives?

- Green = 10 exp
- Blue = 30 exp
- Purple = 50 exp
- Yellow = 70 exp
- Red = 90 exp

FREE astral worth 3,6M gold per year

You must be like "what are you crazy?"
The trick is when you play astral, try to lit Chiron, the most expensive astral worth 10k gold. Once you lit it, you can click it or just leave it, then click another one that clickable.
Everyday you get FREE 1 click, what I'm trying to say is, if you leave Chiron on clickable position until reset, you'll get FREE Chiron-click, yea free… You save 10k gold ^3^

IMPORTANT, all Astros work so well once they reach at least level 5, so… pump them up!

Some suggestions that MIGHT worth for your astral pack.
1. Lots of players currently using def combo (mdef and pdef astral), they're good combo, but they only add more certain def, further more you need 2 slots for them. So, if you don't wanna waste your astral slots for them, you could use illusion and goddess blessing only as your defensive astral. And try to use yellow or red astral.
2. Archers have balanced def, between mdef and pdef. If you ever decided to use def combo (mdef and pdef) it wont be hurt for archer to use both at the same time. But, it's diff case on mage and knight. Mage has higher mdef than their pdef, so I'd say, use pdef astral if you wanna use def astral to get a balanced def. Same with knight, they have higher pdef than mdef, use mdef astral to get a balanced def.
3. One more thing, if you disagree with 2 suggestions above, you can always use def combo (mdef and pdef) at the same time. But, if you AREN'T an archer, don't expect to get balanced def. So… up to you :3

The key is "PATIENCE AND DETERMINATION" and don't forget to love your astral or it wont love you EVER ROFL


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