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ryanouno is a low casher Archer level 57 from s110. Special thanks to ryanouno for sharing this Wartune Archer WB Guide .

1. Equipment and Skills

Basicly its really necessary to use highest weapon lvl and enhantment possible and try to have POWER, PATK, CRIT on every part of your equipment! (my advice is not to waste all your refinement crystals on 35 pvp set and save em for 45 or 55.. till that time you will be ok with jsut 2 of those needed stats) - if your not casher.

Skill set No.1
Wartune Skill

This skill set is the best choice for everyone who is using PvE set becouse you can use Delphic Sniper every round!!
(pve set is the best option for WB) + if you have pve set and you want to use this build then i highly recommand you
to get 2 points in Battle Prowess passive skill.

Skill set No.2
Wartune Skill

This skill set is the best choice for for everyone who use PvP set becouse you can use high dmg nuke skill every round.
(im using armor pierc

2. Gems

Wartune Gems

Your biggest friends will be PATK, CRIT and HP gems..

-PATK gems. Why? Dude seriously? Its just your bread and butter.
LEVEL em up fastest you can.

-I recommend to use CRIT gems to max dmg output but only as 4th socket in legendary gear or as switchable gems for WB only (mostly instead of PDEF or MDEF). Level em as last (other gems like MDEF or HP are much more important for other dalies like cata)

-HP gems becouse your goal is to survive 5 hits from WB (at lower levels with voachers) becouse to maximalize your DMG output you need to stay in front and tank for your companions. If you cant survive 5 hits just put your knights or gryphons or whatever in front of you.

3. Astrals

Wartune Astrals


- Force: is just need for every Archer and Warrior nothing to talk about here.
- Crit: same as Force for Archers.
- Crit damage increase: is awesome and by my oppinion the best astral to get after PATK.
(paradox is that this astral is really not worth unless its yellow)

- Floating damage: Can be great and can be bad. Its really up to you if your gambler and want to see super high dmg in cost of few super low runs then this is astral for you. (not really worth unlessits yellow)
- HP: If you cant survive 5 hits then this astral can help you else its useless for WB.
- REFLECT: if you have nothing else to use then this can add you some bonus damage. (not really worth unless its yellow)

4. Other boosts

- Guild skills: Very important part of the game. You should have Power, Endurance and Defense at highest
level you can and if your low on golds then Try to have at least POWER skill on highest possible level.

- Potions: Mostly you will use just POWER pot lvl3 (use higher only if your in late game when boss have much more hp and you can get at least 700K per run) but if you cant tank 5 hits use Endurance too.
- Scrolls: Really not worht of using at WB unless you are casher or have tons of em.

- VOACHERS - if you can get at least close to top 10 without voachers or your getting at least 300K gold per run
then use them for awesome boost.

5. Combo

Wartune Combo

This is the most important part of the guide.

With proper combo you can do much more damage then players with random skill clicks.

My own combo is pretty simple:

(MS -"1/8" - AS - NH - NH)*2 - MS - Delphic destroyer

This is it and what it means?
MS = Multi Shot
AS = Arrow Strike
NH = Normal Hit.. You will just wait until your toon will shoot by itself
"1/8" = What this means? That is part of skill immage (Multi Shots immage) where you will click on AS.
Its very important to obtain the double NH in jsut time when your MS will get out of cooldown and you will recieve just 1 hit from WB.
*2 = You have time to use this combo 2 times

After using this formula 2 times you need to do your "finishing move" which is MS and immediatly after shooting MS you need to click on
Delphic destroyer or any other NUKE rage expensive skill like Deep Freeze, Armor Piercer. (if you have no rage then use again 1/8 wait time and AS)

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