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The Academy system in Wartune is a feature that can boost the various part of your game play. In this guide, we will go over the basic details for the Wartune Academy.

What is Wartune Academy

Wartune Academy uses Kyanite to research different technology. The different Wartune Academy research can greatly boost the power of your Wartune heroes and troops when properly researched. You will need Kyanite to conduct the various research. Kyanite is a basic Wartune currency.

How to Get Wartune Kyanite for Academy Research

The Kyanite is alot harder to get than the Wartune Gold. To get Kyanite, you can either do Campaign and plunder, however you do not get Kyanite most of the time. Some Wartune quests also reward you with some amount of Kyanite.

The most consistent way of getting is through Wartune farming. Kyanite is a Special crop which you can only plant one Kyanite plant at a time.

Upgrade Wartune Academy Items

As you upgrade the Wartune Academy building, you will be able to unlock additional research items. In addition, the limit on the Wartune Academy research is limited by the upgrade level of your Academy. Below is the list of initial unlocks based on the Academy level.

Level 1: Gold Production
Level 2: Hero HP
Level 4: Hero PATK
Level 5: Troop PATK
Level 6: Hero MATK
Level 7: Troop MATK
Level 8: Hero PDEF
Level 9: Troop PDEF
Level 10: Hero MDEF
Level 11: Troop MDEF
Level 12: Troop Count

Wartune Academy Research Stats and Formula

All research in Wartune comes with this formula: Base Value + Level * Multiplier. Below is the list of stat effects:

Gold Production +60 Gold per Hour
Hero HP + 20 HP
Hero PATK +12 PATK
Troop PATK +6 PATK
Hero MATK +12 MATK
Troop MATK +6 MATK
Troop PDEF +4 PDEF
Troop MDEF +4 MDEF
Troop Count +4 Troops

Wartune Research Cost and Cooldown

The formula to figure out the cost of research is as followed:
(level x (level – 1) x 5 + 50)). So the cost goes up almost exponentially as you research higher level techs.

The research cooldown for Wartune Academy is as followed: the cooldown increases by 30 seconds a level for levels 1-10, by 5 minutes a level for levels 11-15, and by 10 minutes a level for levels 16+. At higher levels, it is essential to start research and count in the time.

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