WARSTORY - Europe in Flames Tips:

Date: Sep 26 2010 09:57:41 Source: Offical Forum
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WARSTORY - Europe in Flames

WARSTORY - Europe in Flames Tips

Unit types:

  • Armor: Very strong shock troops, best used for blitz attack
  • Light vehicle: Very fast units, best used for encirclement/flanking/capture
  • Infantry: Slow as hell, should be used for defense mainly to pin down enemy forces
  • Artillery: Infantry slaughter machines since they demolish dug in bonuses. Has an artillery strike ability too.

How to counter:

  • Armor: Counter armor with armor, or encirclement, very susceptible to flanking
  • Light vehicle: These guys get raped hard by armor...
  • Infantry: Bring your artys to take them down quick, or flank them and they will go down eventually
  • Artillery: Raped by anything if caught alone, they hardly stand a chance.

Difficulty level:

  • Easy: slight challenge up to units lvl 3, after that it's cake walk
  • Normal: slight challenge up to lvl 4, after that they're just easy exp
  • Hard: Very challenging prior to lvl 5, even after lvl 5 they're still dangerous because of smarter AI and officer bonus.
  • Very Hard: haven't tried facing these yet so I'm not sure (favor-only insider battles...)

Tips on getting good ratings:

I have gotten multiple As and Bs, and one S so far, so these tips may not be the be all end all of things.

  • Be proactive, if you have the advantage, play aggressive, if you are slightly disadvantage, defend proactively.
  • Flanking does more damage. If an unit is caught in the middle of a path without a base from both the back and the rear, they get instantly destroyed by "Cross Fire". Use this to your advantage and be very weary of it being used against you.
  • Repelled units take more damage than usual Front-Attacks.
  • Artillery cannot use arty strike if they're in combat.
  • In case you are facing Hard opponents, be very careful of flanking attacks, preferably counter and repel them when you can.
  • Watch out for Armor-&-Light vehicle Hard opponents, they will attemp to blitz you and pin you down with their strongest armor while the other units perform pincer attacks to flank you. The best way to handle them is crushing their weakest wing before they pin you down. Repel them and drive them down quickly with 2 units, while 1 or 2 units stay behind to cover your rear. You don't want to be Cross-Fire'd. Usually I send my armor and light vehicle to crush their light vehicle while my infantry soak up the damage at the rear. Infantry were designed to take the brunt of attacks, they'll survive for a while so you can counter blitz your opponent.
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