WARSTORY - Europe in Flames Guide: How to Win with "S"

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WARSTORY - Europe in Flames

WARSTORY – Europe in Flames is a browser-based Massive Multiplayer Online Game in which you lead a powerful company through the chaos of World War 2! Here is a tactic from boyard which explains how to win with "S". What about your tactic? Share your tips and discuss here.

WARSTORY - Europe in Flames Guide: How to Win with "S"

By boyard on official forum

So this is how i constantly win with "S","A" and "B", but mostly "S".

First: Always take your Light Vehicle (LV) to battle with you. This unit is my favorite it is perffect for Cross Fire battles I happen to be only 1 minute in a game that i use the corss fire, I also happen to use only LV and leave the other units at one spot that i call base. BUT be careful you can always end up losing if you underestimate the AI i also happen on Hard battles to have the enemy retreat from my base and Repulse the LV and kill it in which part you are good as dead.

Second:Tanks pull out a good fight. This means that LV and Tanks are best combination because Tanks have alot of HP and are hard to kill just inof time for the LV to Cross Fire the enemy and win the battle with minimum damage. If you go with artilery and infantry instead of Tank and Arty you will end up waiting for 5 hours your officer which reminds me of my third advice.

Third:Officers are importan part of the battle. If you have an officer it means you have Blitzkrieg one of my favorite skills. It not only gives you speed it gives + attack to all which means that not only your LV will cross fire the enemy faster but also it will boost the attack of your tank. Also don't forget to disturb your skill points among the passive skills of your officer I perfer to skills that give + attack,speed,HP and % for critical.

But beware of that when your LV is low level there is a chance of repulsing it and killing it don't forget to go on patrols they are easy XP and Influence Points. Well this is what i have to say also if i can ask someone that know all the stats of gear 1,2,3 Units on the american or/and soviet side to post the i want to compare things.

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