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Warrriors Saga

Warriors Saga is a MMO web based game which originates from the Chinese novel 'Journey to the West'. However, it’s a Q version which is more cute and lovely. It focuses on pet raising and interactions. Moreover, the high quality produces attractive style with amazing stories; you won’t be disappointed with it. Here is the background of Warrior Saga below.

Warriors Saga: Interface

Story Background

Purple Fairy – who used to be the collapse in wick Buddha, went to the human without the permission. Meanwhile, she selected her mate by the purple and green double edged sword – the incarnation of Iron Monkey - Moroe. Moroe did not understand Purple Fairy’s love until the moment he reincarnates to Iron Monkey. But the loved is not allowed. There was a battle broken out. Purple Fairy lost her life in order to save Moroe.

Moroe, who became the Iron Monkey almost got mad because of losing Pruple Fairy. He was so sad and angry. And unfortunately was led by his own inside devil, he finally to become a great devil. Iron Monkey was so strong that no one can fight against him in the world. He led the demons to attack heaven. The whole heaven became the hell. Meanwhile, human beings are greatly influenced. It’s a totally disaster.

In order to save the world, Buddha gathered all Buddha’s power and activated Moonlight Cube to leap through time…??

Time went back to 500 years ago. Heaven is still solemn and quiet just like nothing had happened. Only the Jade Emperor and Buddha know that an effect presupposes a cause, and the cause is 'love'. They agree not to interfere and expecting a different ending.  

Warriors Saga: Battlefield

It's the first year of Zhenguan of Tang dynasty, demons, immortals and humans live together. Order confused, and fighting constantly. The weak humans suffer persecution all the time. It is believed that Mahayana Buddhism in West can relieve the soul from pain, and protect the body from decaying. But only the right one who needs to overcome 81 Crusades can get the sutras. So, King Kerhs sent Yeknod to journey to west. No one can image who dangerous it is, what the outcome is. You are now one of them. The moment you met with Yeknod, you began you destiny. What will happen? You are the Master! 

Character Introduction:(From left to right in the picture below)

Warriors Saga

Miss Thirty

The apprentice of Miss Didolito, and she is actually a Spider women. She is cruel and hard heart. She came to The Rookies for Yekond, aimed to kill him and eat. But her younger sister Crystal Julite was in love with Moroe and helped Moroe to fight against her.


He is the incarnation of Iron Monkey after 500 years. He did not know it ata first and he did not admit it. In order to save his sweet girl Crystal Julite, he leaped through time with the Moonlight cube. However, life is dramatically, he went back to 500 years ago and met his real lover Purple Fairy. It’s a tragedy that Moroe was killed by Miss Thirty, while Yekond and Purple Fairy were in danger. In order to save them, Moroe finally decided become Iron Monkey. That means he cannot have love any more.


The master of Iron Monkey. Journey to the West is his destiny. However, he is extremely wordy. He even once killed two demons by wordy when he got caught by them. He saved Iron Monkey by his own life in 500 years ago, and met Moroe who was from 500 years later. To save Yekond, Moroe finally turned back to Iron Monkey and saved Yekond life.

Crystal Julite

She is the second apprentice of Miss Didolito, she is actually a white bone demon. She was keeping in love with Moroe. She ment to kill Yekond and eat him with her elder sister, but she met Moroe and fell in love with him and saved him from her sister. However Crystal Julite herself got poisoned. Moroe went to find the drug for her. Crystal Julite misunderstood that Moroe left her and commit suicide.Luckily, a devil got her but forced her to lead the way to Didolito Cavern, when they got to Didolito Cavern, Miss Thirty cheated her and Crystal Julite thought Moroe betrayed her, so she killed herself with a sword.



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