Warriors Saga: The Daily Activity Introduction

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Warriors Saga

Pretty Angle

Pretty Angle

At the even integer number of Rookies, South side and Outskirt, there are 3 Playful Shroom NPC at each map, and their position changes as refreshed.

Involve Level: Level 10 – 30

Description: Playful Shroom will ask you kinds of questions. Players can get EXP as reward if you give the right answer.

Demon Attacks

Demon Attacks

Demon attacks every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 20:00 – 22:00. There are 10 vanguardsin total, 3 at Bamboo Cliff, 3 at Turtle Bay and 4 at Snowy Peak. And 1 admiralappears randomly at the same time. Defeating vanguard get EXP and World Deed reward. And there are more prize if you defeat the admiral successful.

1. ‘Demon Attacks’ require 3 or more players who have reached LV30 to team up.

2. Each player defeated successfully in max 10 vanguards every day.

3. Player who has defeated one vanguard can help others defeat the same vanguard without rewards.

4. The admiral only appears at one of the activity maps randomly, and disappears after being beaten by one team immediately.

5. Fending off the admiral successfully will activate a special event---all the players in the server will gain extra 10%EXP for 1 hour.

Hexad Samsara

This quest is extremely difficult to complete. Players can go to Dili – G in capital city to accept the quest.

Hexad Samsara

This challenge requests 5 players to team up. And the BOSS is quite difficult to defeat. It is sensible to prepare sufficiently before head.

Hexad samsara resets every 7 days. If you failed, you cannot go on challenging as a leader and obtain reward that day. Failure record resets at 24:00 every day. And failure record can also be reseted by using silvers.

REWARD:Huge amounts of EXP, treasure map, special title

special title

Warriors Saga

Tower of Death

Tower of Death

Tower of Death is only opened on every Saturday from 08:00 – 24:00. As long as the activity started, players can get into through Tower of Death Angle in capital city.

When you are trying to complete the quest, you can choose to challenge the Ruthless Mind Flayer or to challenge the Enchanting Mind Flayer, but you cannot challenge them both at the same time. During the challenge, there will be a Boss every 10 grade; players have to face it alone. Team up is not allowed. However, the boss is actually the Mind Flayer of the player. As it is a single quest, so it is quite difficult to complete. If you failed in a grade or got disconnected or you run away, you can continue next time until you win or you give up.


Ruthless Mind Flayer: Players will be able to accept massive of EXP as reward and the EXP will increase dramatically. If you are urging of upgrading or promote the mastery, this is absolutely your best choice.

Enchanting Mind Flayer: This is different from Ruthless Mind Flayer, once you successes in challenge, you will win World Deed as prize, and there are special item prize for each 10 grade. 


The Arena opens on 20:00 – 21:00 every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. All players whose level higher than 30 will receive the invitation and can get into to PK with others. Click Into to get in or you can find the NPC in capital city to get in.



  1. Each player gets 5 chances to PK with anyone else; you will be unable to PK if you failed for 5 times. But you can pay 2 gold or vouchers to earn more chance.
  2. Players can only get attack training and defense training as you failed. Fail once, you can get one double attack or double defense training randomly. Failed twice, you can get two. The training would be reset to zero if you win.
  3. If you choose single mode, you can get two training BUFF and you will get the points as well. They all will be canceled if you choose double mode, system will team you up randomly with another player. It means if you choose double mode, system will team up randomly and then PK randomly.
  4. You can check your points and rank through rank.
  5. If you leave Arena during the event period, you got back to capital city.

PS: If your net disconnected or you escaped, we regard that you failed.

There is no limitation for players get into the Arena. Players can get in through the Arana Agent in capital city before 20:00. The existing battle training and buff can only be useful in Arena, it will be canceled as long as you leave Arena and will get back if you back to Arena. 



  1. The rewards can only be picked up when the event ended, get into the Arena and click the tip ‘The activity has been closed now, please pick up the rewards’ to claim.
  2. All players will accept rewards according to the points you got after the activity.
  3. The top 50 will be able to get the bonus. The top 1 can get 25% of the bonus pool amount as prize.
  4. Please claim the prize before the next Arena opened.

PK Hall

Enter PK hall

The entrance of PK hall is next to the Arena in Capital city, you will see it when you open the map of Capital city.

The dialog box will be pop up when PK hall opens at 20:00. Click it to enter the PK hall. During the activity, the dialog box will be pop up every 10 mins.

Enter PK Hall

Rules of PK hall

1. The level of char should be above 30

2. No team allowed

3. Activity duration: 20:00-21:00 on every Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Sundays.

4. No chance limited during the activity.

Pk in hall

The following panel will be shown up after enter the pk hall.

PK in Hall

Clones: There are only 8 clones for one players, and as you failed for 8 times, you will only be able to watch.

Challenge: You will be free to challenge the players who is around 5 levels gap to you. Click their name for fight when they are ready. 

Mysterious shop: The special medicine can be used in the mysterious shop of PK hall. The special medicine can be purchased by gold; it will increase user’s attack, defense or protection. The medicine from special shop can’t be used if it’s not in the activity. 

Points: The points will be assigned by system based player’s level * 10, the higher level will gain more points. For example, the level 80 player will gain 800 basis points; the level 70 player will gain 700 basis points. And the points decide your ranking from high to low.

The PK will affect player’s point, but you will be only free to challenge the player who is around 5 levels gap to you. If there’s no more clones of you, you will be kicked out of fight automatically.

There are three types of points, one is challenge for the 8% of opponent’s points, take example: if your opponent points is 1000, you will win 80 points after victory (1000*8%).

The char and pet’s HP will be restored after the battle in PK hall. If the fight is over than 50 rounds, it’s drew, the each part will gain 50 points, and consume 1 clone

PK hall rewards

The top 90 ranks player will gain coins rewards; the top 5 will gain the highest coins rewards. Every player who has points will gain exp rewards which is depends on how much points you got. The higher points, the higher rewards you gain. 

Record Store

The most fascinating place in PK hall will be Record Store, here; you will be able to gain Holy Pet Scroll. So how to gain battle scores?

Every players who was participated the PK hall will gain some points. The top 20 players will gain the battle scores according to their challenge and level ranking. And the battle scores can be cumulated, Once you join the PK hall, you got the chance.

Record Store

Record is in the left bottom of PK hall in capital city. The rewards can be only exchanged after the battle’s ends. 1000 battle scores for special pet skill book. Besides, the book will be divided into 5 pages. As long as you collected all 5 pages, you can go to Beast – god Exchange to exchange for a special pet scroll.

Warriors Saga

Warriors Saga


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