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Warriors Saga

No matter in which game, pet can always be a good fellow, so does Warriors Saga. Wanna get an awesome pet? Then just check this guide:

Obtain a Pet:

During the battle, players can catch wild, baby pet or variant baby pet as your pet. (Elites are uncatchable). Among them, the variant pet is the cleverest one, baby pet is next to it and elite and wild are the worst ones.

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There have to be enough space on a character can the character to catch pet (No more than 6). Players can choose Catch when battle. Players can find the kind of the pet by looking at the tips on pet's name. Players may be successes in catching pet baby and variant pet.

Since you got a pet, your character's level has to be high enough to take the pet. However, at the beginning of the game, every player can get a pet as a reward after passed the newbie quest.

Besides catch, players absolutely can buy the pets in the pet shop. Or get a pet from treasure map or Uproar in Heaven by chance.

Pet Baby and Variant Pet

Variant pet's ability is higher than wild and elite; however, we seldom can meet the variant pet. Then, how to get one?

Here we go. Firstly, change the wild pet to baby pet by using Rebirth Dew. Open the Pet panel and choose the pet you want the change. Open the bag, use the item Rebirth Dew. Then, your pet became a baby pet. Players can get Rebirth Dew by completing Destroy Evil quest or treasure map.

If you want to change your baby pet to elite pet, you will need the item Rebirth Wheel.

Click the Amethyst Urn at the upper left corner or open Pet Reset panel to reset pet. However, you may be unlucky to fail it. But it will absolutely success in the 15th time. 

Pet Shop

When your character reaches Level 25, you are able to buy a pet at Pet Shop Owner in capitol city. Not only the ordinary pets, but also some special pets that only can be obtained from the treasure map and heaven. Players can buy wild, elite and variant pets by world deed. Vouchers and gold can only be used to buy baby pet and variant pet. However, pets bought by world deed and vouchers are bound while that by gold is unbound.

The pet list in shop refreshed every three hours. Players can also refresh it by gold or vouchers. But players can only get pet which level higher no more than 10 levels than the character.

Warriors Saga Screenshot

Ordinary Refresh: When your character reached Level 25, the pet list refreshes every three hours and players can buy once. But players can seldom get baby pet.

Refresh now: Players can use 4 gold or vouchers to refresh the list immediately, and there are chance to get baby pet.

Advanced refresh: All pets are baby pets or variant pets, and great chance to get variant pet. It will need 20 gold or vouchers to advanced refresh.

Pet Raising

Pet upgrade

Pet in battle can get EXP when attacking demons or completing school quest. When EXP is full, pet can upgrade and get 5 potential points.

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Apart from attacking demons and completing quests, players can also consume equipment to add pet's EXP. Only in battle pet can consume and only equipment that level higher than 30 is acceptable. The EXP that pet gets depends on the grade of equipment.

Absorb Demon Spirit

Warriors Saga Screenshot

Open pet and click Details to open. Click on Get Demon, you can choose absorb or buy demon spirits. I will add 1 point each wild pet and 10 points for elite while it will be 60 point by absorbing a BB pet and variation pet will add 300 points. Each pet can absorb 30 at most every day. Or you can also buy spirit by gold, each spirit add 100 points.

With the spirit, you are able to promote your pet, or add insight points or potential of the pet.

Increase potential

Warriors Saga Screenshot

The blank for star means that the potential is still addable. The different color means different potential and need different amount of spirit: white – 1 point, green – 5 points, blue – 30 points, red – 180 point and gold – 1080 points. As the potential increased, the relevant attributions will increase as well.

Click at the + behind the insight, you can add 10 points each time and need spirits. As you increase the Insight, you can gain more insight points every time you upgrades. When you gained 1000 points, you can comprehend once for pet skill. So, that means more insight points, more skills you can comprehend.


Warriors Saga Screenshot

Every pet can be promoted. Promote 1 grade, pet's strength, intelligence, physical, endurance and dexterity will each increase 5 points. The max grade depends on pets' level. Players can promote the pets by consuming spirits.



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