Warriors Saga Guide: How to Grow Up Quickly

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Warriors Saga

Everyone wanna level up fast in game. But how to do it in Warriors Saga? Here is a guide we collected from Official Site, if you still don't know how to level up quickly, then you can just follow this guide.

Lvl 01 - Lvl 10

Upgrade way: Novice Quest

Warriors Saga Screenshot

There is a guiding as long as you get into the game, just follow it and get familiar to the basic operation.

Firstly, players can click on the dialogue to complete the quest. A '!' on NPC means you can click it to accept a quest. A yellow '?' means you can click it to complete the quest. A grey '?' means you haven't meet the requirement yet. Click the quest tracking, it will auto path to the NPC.

Players can open the character panel to add points or level up. Double click the equipment to equip them.

Warriors Saga Screenshot

As you got familiar with the capital city, you will be sent to The Rookies to meet the funny Yekond.

Choose get into battle to get to know how to battle.

Warriors Saga Screenshot

As you saved Yekond and fox, you can get the fox as your pet. Take to pet into battle according to the tips. And double click the mount that from Yekond to fly.

Warriors Saga Screenshot

To your surprise, there is hidden quest for fox. As it reached at a certain level, the fox can evolve and its power will promote greatly.

Lvl 11 - Lvl 20

Upgrade METHOD: Demon Attack, Main Quest, Pretty Angle

Growth Quest:

Open the Grow on left to check the quest, you can get vouchers, items and title as reward as long as you completed all of them.

Novice Gift Package:

When novice gets into the game, everyone can get free gifts including drugs, items. And players can accept novice gift package up until level 60. You can open once each 10 level. It will provides you the necessary items according to your level.

Pet Evolution:

Warriors Saga Screenshot

The fox will be able to talk with you when it get to level 10 remind you to add points to it. When it gets to level 20, you can lick the hidden quest to evolve it. It will not only change the outlook, its power would promote greatly as well.

Main Quest:

Star Sage sends you to get familiar with the whole capital city, click on the NPC name in quest tracking, it will auto path to the NPC. You will get some items from them. Weapon Smith will give you a level 10 weapon, remember to equip it. As you finished, you hear the news that Yekond is in trouble. So, you back to The Rookies.

Warriors Saga Screenshot

Yekond travelled very hard to get here and found someone is calling him, he want you to help him to check. On the way, you robbed by tiger, so you need to beat tiger. Tips: Remember to add points and upgrade. Equip the armor in bag. Tiger will tell you there are only him and his big brother here when he was beaten. Then, who is tiger's big brother?  When you find him, find he is the Stone Monkey. And you need to help him to get out of the Rookies. Finally, you got Avalokitesvara and Yekond's help and Iron Monkey get out finally. Iron Monkey is so grateful to you all and decided to acknowledqe Yekond as his master and protect him to west.

Then you back to Star Sage and help him to beat Playful Shroom at Snowy Peak. And then go to Little Monk to meet Golden Pool Elder. Help Golden Pool Elder to beat Mountain Troll. Just completed it, you heard from Little Monk that Host want Yekond's cassock and mean to burn Yekond. Fortunately, Iron Monkey is quite clever and protected Yekond from burning. But the cassock was robbed by Bear King. So, you go to find Bear Kind according to Iron Monkey's guide and beat him together with Iron Monkey.

Warriors Saga Screenshot

Warriors Saga Screenshot

Destroy monster

Warriors Saga Screenshot

Different level character can accept Demon attack quest from different NPC. Players can get extra EXP, Silver and Star Gem as rewards. We suggest you to team up to speed up, and team up can provide you higher EXP by beating a demon.


At the even integer number of Rookies, South side and Outskirt, there are 3 Playful Shroom NPC at each map, and their position changes as refreshed every 2 hours. The Playful Shroom will ask you some basic question about the game. You can answer again even you got a wrong answer. You can only play with Shroom in level 10 to level 30. Players that lower than level 30 can upgrade quicker by answering the question.

Flying Flag

As you remember, when you were getting familiar with the capital city, you got an item Golden Brush.

Warriors Saga Screenshot

Warriors Saga Screenshot

Click Rally on left hand, you can open the flying flag panel; flying flag can record a position and send you directly to a position you used to. Or open world map and click on the position you want to be, it will send you there immediately. Or, you can also click on the flag on the quest tracking. Every time you use the flag, it consumes one point. You will be unable to use the flag when there is 0 point left. But you can refresh with Golden Brush.

Skill Learning:

The character cannot upgrade automatically, and the EXP can be used to learn mastery. And the mastery get to a certain level, the character can obtain a skill. Some skills can increase offense, defense, evade attribution. Each school has their own mastery.

Click the Skill at bottom, you can view the current mastery skill and learn mastery. Or you can find your school master to learn mastery.



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