Warriors Saga Guide: Commerical Manufacture

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Warriors Saga

Skill Learning

Skill Learning

There are collectiom and productiom in life system. And collection including mine, cutting and huntering skills. There are six production skills including making medicine, cooking, weapon refining, armor production, jewler refining and crafting.

Life skill learning

  1. The character has to reach level 10
  2. Open the skill panel or go to Master Hong to learn
  3. Need some EXP
  4. Need some silver 

Life Skill Upgrade

  1. Go to the named NPC
  2. Need some EXP
  3. Need some silvers
  4. Mastery meet the requirement  

Forget Life Skill

  1. Click forget in the skill panel
  2. All information and data about the skill will disappear  

Mastery of Life Skill

  1. The mastery will increase after each use
  2. When the mastery meet the requirement, the life skill will upgrade. 

Collect Material

Place of collection:

There are many collecting points in most of maps.



Your level of collecting skill should be higher or equivalent to level collecting point requires. Collecting tools: Lumbering—Wood, Saw;   Mining—Mining, Pickaxe; Hunting—Hunting, Bow. These tools are available in grocery store in the capital city.

Loading Bar

Click the collecting points and you will see a tip of collecting process which means you are now collecting.

Collecting consumes energy, and it will stop automatically when your energy is 0.

Collecting success rate is always 80%. And you will not lose energy if you failed.

Mining: For weapon and jewel.

Hunting: For armor and cooking.

Lumbering:For weapon and armor.

Star Gem: For equipment upgrade star. All three of above can get the gem.   

Produce Items

Produce items

Recipes for Lv1 and Lv2 are available in recipe shop in the capital city.

If your skill level fits the requirement of the recipe, you can learn it by double clicking the recipe.

Chose a skill and click [use], you can find more information.



If you have sufficient material, you can produce item and lose energy at the same time.

Some additives are also needed sometimes. You can buy them in additives store in the capital city.

Besides, herb and jade can be bought in drug store and grocery store.

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