Warriors Saga Guide: Pet Raising

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Warriors Saga

Pet upgrade:

In Warriors Saga, pet in battle can get EXP when attack demons or completing school quest. When EXP is full, pet can upgrade and get 5 potential points.

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Apart from attack demons and completing quests, players can also consume equipment to add pet's EXP. Only in battle pet can consume and only equipment that level higher than 30 is acceptable. The EXP pet get depending on the grade of equipment.

Absorb demon spirit

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Open pet and click Details to open. Click on Get Demon, you can choose absorb or buy demon spirits. I will add 1 point each wild pet and 10 points for elite while it will be 60 point by absorbing a BB pet and variation pet will add 300 points. Each pet can absorb 30 at most every day. Or you can also buy spirit by gold, each spirit add 100 points.

With the spirit, you are able to promote your pet, or add insight points or potential of the pet.

Increase potential

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There are blank star means the potential is still addable. The different color means different potential and need different amount of spirit: white – 1 point, green – 5 points, blue – 30 points, red – 180 point and gold – 1080 points. As the potential increased, the relevant attributions will increase as well.

Click at the + behind the insight, you can add 10 points each time and need spirits. As you increase the Insight, you can gain more insight points every time you upgrades. When you gained 1000 points, you can comprehend once for pet skill. So, that means more insight points, more skills you can comprehend.


Warriors Saga Screenshot

Every pet can be promoted. Promote 1 grade, pet's strength, intelligence, physical, endurance and dexterity will each increase 5 points. The max grade depending on pets' level. Players can promote the pets by consuming spirits.



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