Warlord Battlegrounds: A Multiplayer Tactical Strategy Game

Date: Sep 19 2010 13:18:20 Source: BBGsite.com
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Warlord Battlegrounds

Warlord Battlegrounds is a multiplayer tactical combat game you can play for free in a browser without a download. Create a Warlord and you’re just moments away from intense, multiplayer tactical battles, fought in a wide variety of fantasy environments. Team up and challenge friends to epic battles in this one of a kind, online pvp battle game.

Warlord Battlegrounds

Play the Most Amazing PVP Tactical Strategy Game

PvP tactical combat challenges take place on a hex-based battle map. During battle you’ll use movement, battle unit abilities, hero abilities, spells, consumable items, the environment, and tactical combat strategy to help allies and lay waste to your enemies.

Warlord Battlegrounds

In Warlord Battlegrounds, you can team up with a friend or join a free-for-all tactical combat challenge. In the lobby, you will find open challenges looking for more players, join private challenges with your friends, or to create your own challenge for up to 4 players. Between battleground challenges you can chat with your friends, form clans, browse maps, look at player and clan rankings, and unlock new spells, battle units, and equipment as well as purchase consumable items.

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