Warflow: Fighting on the Frontlines

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Warflow brings together Yeepers from across the globe in an epic tale of conquest. From commanding a brutal army to sharpening your weapons for an upcoming battle, this game covers all the bases when it comes to combat and strategy.

Work your way from up a low-ranking hero, and build your city into an empire. Playing through WF feels like strolling through a peaceful forest. Crisp backgrounds and game menus make the game appeal to naturalists or anyone looking for a relaxing gaming experience. However, with war raging throughout the lands, sleepy gamers will soon learn that the woods are full of soldiers. Your hero needs training to keep up with all the military campaigning.

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WF adopts a streamlined gameplay system, where a few buildings let you establish your economy. With a bustling city relatively easy to create, you can concentrate all your efforts on the more challenging task of equipping your hero for battle. The battle system in War flow lets you follow battles in real time from a war window. The animated warriors fight in comic style with large fireballs and explosions falling on both sides. Even in the battle scenes WF takes war seriously, and advanced players will have to worry about managing battle formations.

Warflow Screenshot

In this game war is the main objective, but players won't find themselves overwhelmed by first few steps. WF does a great job of easing you into the system with newbie quests and a detailed guide that even an advanced player might find useful. Taking the game further than lvl 9 will open advanced battle options, the ability to recruit more heroes, and a whole world of players and NPCs to conquer.

If you're looking for a strategy game that sticks to its roots, enter the world of WarFlow. Be a part of an active player community and build your legend on Yeepgame.



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