Warflow Guide: NPC Powers

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WarFlow has more than 15 NPC powers for you to defeat and each power usually has 20 forces. Click the “War” icon to enter the world of NPC powers.


Defeating the powers is the main way to earn Honor points that are used for Heroes’ Techs development, Training enhancement and Heroes Improvement.



The more difficult the NPC force you defeat, the more Honor points you earn, and the difficulty steadily increases as you defeat the NPC forces one by one.


A rookie starts with the Militia Power and more Powers will be unlocked in the future.


Every time when you enter a Power, the completion percentage of it will be diplayed.


The unfinished NPC forces are marked with a red flag, and those defeated NPC forces are marked with a white flag.


There will be a reward for finishing each Power, which usually is a powerful equipment for you to equip your Hero with. In addition, equipments might be dropped when you defeat some NPC forces.


The last NPC force of each Power requires you to team up with other players to fight, and when your team wins there is also a chance that an equipment is dropped as a reward for you.

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