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Name Levy Question Answer 1 Reward 1 Answer 2 Reward 2
ABSCOND The city tax collector has absconded with all the money. List him as wanted. silver +900 Hunt him down by yourself to get the money back. Citizen Loyalty +5, silver
AGENT The battle plan of our troop has been stolen by an enemy agent. You have locked the camp and no one can go away. Arrest all possible agents for the safety of the plan RP = TC * 15 Investigate everyone of the soldiers to find the enemy agent. Citizen Loyalty +5, Silver +1000
AMBUSH You have received the information that some bandits are planning an ambush to rob your supplies. Plan an anti ambush RP +150 Change the transit route. Citizen Loyalty +4, Silver 875
ASSASSIN When you were at a banquet with your friends, one of the friends was murdered by an assassin. Execute the assasin and prepare for the friends funeral silver +1200 Launch a war against the country where the assassin is from gold +3
AURA An aura has shown in the sky. People are surprised. Its god’s work. Citizen Loyalty +5, levy +1 It’s just a rare weather. Citizen Loyalty +10
BOWMEN Your enemy has sent troops to invade your country. Their bowmen have taken the advantage of wind and shooted arrows toward your soldiers. Wait for the change of wind Citizen Loyalty +4, levy +1 Send additional troops to help. RP +374
BREACH A villager has found a breach on the dyke. Take the lead in repairing the dyke. Citizen Loyalty +6 Call for public attention since you are too busy to deal with it. RP = TC * 8
COINCIDENCE Two guys meet in a public bathroom and find they were born on the same day. It's impossible Citizen Loyalty +7, silver +1000 They should start being friends. gold +10
COLEAGUES You found in your colleages many people pervert justice for a bribe. Follow those examples and enjoy good life. Citizen Loyalty -2, Gold +3 Take exception to their behaviors and be incorruptable. Citizen Loyalty +7, RP 192
CONFIDENCE A normal girl has become famous by her unique and confident performance. Skills are more important then confidence. Citizen Loyalty +6 With confidence one can achieve anything. Citizen Loyalty +2, RP +185
CRIME A bully in town commited a crime Deal with it lawfully. Citizen Loyalty +6 Show mercy. ??
CROP FAILURE The storms and draught this year has caused crop failure in your land. Use national Treasury to help people suffering from the crop Failure. Citizen Loyalty +6 Lead people to open up waste lands. Citizen Loyalty +5, Levy CD -20
CROWDED LAND More and more people are moving into cities along with the economic development. Everyone is getting a smaller piece of land has become a fact. Move the local people and help them settle in new places. Gold +10 , Levy Times -1 Encourage people to open up new lands. Levy Times +1
CULT An evil cult has become popular amoung people. The hierarch is said to be capable of curing all diseases. Its ridiculous and impossible. levy times +1 Punish the hierarch and educate people Citizen Loyalty +8
DESERTER At the critical momotent during the battle. Some rookies in the army have got cold feet and try to escape the battle. Put them to execution according to military law. RP = TC * 4 Let them go and cherish lives Citizen Loyalty +4
DISASTER RELIEF A hurricane has turned the city into ruins. Encourage people to open up waste land and develop agriculture. Citizen Loyalty +5 Give a impulse to trade silver +910
DISEASE A serious epidemic has broken out in the country. If not controlled it may cause mass mortality. Develop Medicines to cure this disease. Citizen Loyalty +6 Quarantine the infected people to save lives. Silver +1400
EARTHQUAKE An earthquake has come to the city and taken thousands of lives and buildings Convey sympathy for the people of earthquake-striken area Citizen Loyalty +8 Call for donation to help disaster relief Silver = TC * 40
FAMILY AFFAIR A villager has reported to you about a domestic dispute with his wife. Help them deal with it. Citizen Loyalty +5, gold +2 You are too busy for small things like this. levy +1
FELLOW TOWNSMAN A bully in the city is your fellow townsman. Lately he has commited a crime. Deal with it lawfully Citizen Loyalty +6 Show mercy to him since he is your fellow townsman . Silver, Levy CD
FLOOD A once in a century flood has sweeped the city. thousands of people lost their homes. Help people rebuild their houses. Citizen Loyalty +6 build a new city and help them settle down there gold, silver +1620
HARVEST It's been a year of good harvest. Farmers are singing and dancing on their farms. Celebrate the good year with the farmers. Citizen Loyalty +5, Gold +5 Increase the tax for better balance. silver +4920
HOLY NIGHT Some Christians have brought their religious belief and celebrations to your country. Accept it and enjoy the holiday with other people. Citizen Loyalty +6, levy CD -20 Reject it and stick to your own belief. Citizen Loyalty +3, rp +300, gold +2
HOROSCOPE you are told that a famous astrologer said that the horoscope has shown that you will be the emperor of this land. Believe in it and feel confident. RP +135-155 Be humble and stop this rumor. Citizen Loyalty +6
IMMORTAL You see an old man sleeping under a tree. Local people believe he's immortal. Go to ask for advice RP = TC * 11, Levy CD -30 Leave with respect Citizen Loyalty +6
INJUSTICE A suspect is put to executtion today. Someone in the crowd of onlookers standed out to redress an injustice. Rehear the case Citizen Loyalty +6 Go on with the execution since the case is closed Citizen Loyalty +5
MARKET DOMINATOR A monopolistic merchant has made a big fortune but others in the industry feel hard to survive in the unfair competition. Punish him to improve the market condition. Citizen Loyalty +7 Collect higher tax on him. Citizen Loyalty +5, RP +210
METEOR SHOWER War academy has forcasted a 1000-year return meteor shower. Watch the meteor shower with citizens. Citizen Loyalty +8 Take is as a good omen and plan a war activity. RP = TC * 11
MIRAGE The mirage shows an image of battling troops. People are at panic. send troops to battlefield to show them it's nothing to woory about. Levy CD -20, RP +175 educate people the cause of the mirage Citizen Loyalty +3, levy +1
MYTHICAL ANIMAL A mythical animal has been found in mountains. It looks as strong as a dinosaur Worship it as a god Gold +10, citizen Loyalty +7, RP = TC * 6.93 Catch him and make it your mount. RP +700, Gold +3, Levy +1
NEIGHBOR A diesease has broken out in a neighbor city. Many people come to your city to seek safty. Help these people with medicines Citizen Loyalty +7, silver -300 It's the best time to attack that city! RP = TC * 9
PLAGUE OF LOCUSTS Locusts are plaguing every farm of your country. Develop a new insecticide to kill locusts Citizen Loyalty +4, levy +1 pray for the end of this plague Citizen Loyalty +7
POINSED A octopus who is know for accurate predictions has been poisoned recently It's rediculous. Why can't he predict his death then? Citizen Loyalty +3, Gold +5 The octopus must be special. Citizen Loyalty +5, silver -1000, RP +290
PROMISE A very rich merchant wants to get a promise from you for 1000 gold. Give him a promise and get the gold Gold +5 Your promises are priceless RP +210
PROPHET You have met a man who claims to be a prophet on your recent trip. Invite him to join your crfew and ask for advice Citizen Loyalty +6 Believe in yourself instead of destiny Citizen Loyalty +7
PYTHON It's said pythons can be a great tonic I wanna try some silver +340-470 Its weird plus pythons are already endangered RP +134-164
REFUGEES Some refugees are coming to your city but your forage is only enough to feed people in your city. Accept them as your citizens Citizen Loyalty +7 conscript them in reserve forces Citizen Loyalty +4, silver +120-250
SPY Many people migrant to your city of respect for your fame. But some spies of enemy powers might be hidden among them. Accept all these people as citizens. Citizen Loyalty +6 Kill all these migrants for the safty of your land. RP = TC lvl * 10
STRONG MAN A man lives in mountains is said to be the strongest person of this country Treat him with respect RP = TC * 14 Brute strength is all he has Gold +5
SURRENDER A well-equiped enemy troop has surrendered to you, saying they have respect for your reputation. Accept them and incorporate them into your troops. RP +198, Levy CD -20 Reject them since they may be spies. Citizen Loyalty +5-8, Silver +800, Gold +8
SWEATSHOP A migrant worker has moved to the city and worked in a shop, where he has been abused and forced to work overtime. help him escape Citizen Loyalty +5 Arrest his boss RP +150
THE RICHEST The Richest Person of the city wants to build the highest building of the world. People are complaining about this prodigal project. This building can be a new landmark Citizen Loyalty -2, silver +2800 Dissaprove the project. Loyalty +8
THEATER After years of war, the town theater is barely functioning. Focus on work and call for donations. RP +350 Allocate funds to rebuild it. Citizen Loyalty +8, silver -1200
THIEF A thief is famous for taking from the rich and giving to the poor. A rich person whose belongings have been stolen has reported the case. Muddle through the case and express sympathy Citizen Loyalty +5 Deal with it lawfully silver = TC lvl * 40
TIGER A furious tiger have come off the mountain and injured many people The tiger is of an endangered species. People should protect him Citizen Loyalty +6 Hunt the tiger to protect your people. RP = TC * 9
Tributes Dependencies have prepared valuable tributes to show their gratitude Accept the tributes and extend your gratitude. silver, gold +5 show your hospitality but refuse the tributes citizen loyalty +7, silver -500
TYPHOON A typhoon is coming to your city Protect the public properties levy cd -5, RP +210 arrange people to evacuate Citizen Loyalty +7
VEGETATION FIRE A hill in suburban area has caught fire because of the hot weather. Take the lead in firefighting. Citizen Loyalty +7 Call for public attention since you are too busy to deal with it. RP + 296
WITNESS An engaged couple has asked you to be the witness of their coming wedding. Accept it happily Citizen Loyalty +8 Focus on your work and send them a gift. RP +200
WRITER A popular writer is famous for his all-around knowledge. Admire him and ask him for advice. Silver -800, gold +2, levy +1 A writer is just a writer. Citizen Loyalty +5, RP

Here is a guild to the levy messages that you might receive when you get a levy. You might get silver, citizen loyalty, gold, rp, or levy adjustments. Please post when you come across a new levy message or you choose an answer that no one has posted yet.



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