Warflow: How Employees Work Basic Guide

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By: lower00841

Employees are the core to this game and will be the key to success. First you must understand that there are different level employees. Employees have two traits that are very important. One trait is its Experience the other is its Talent.

Here is an example of where to find the experience of an employee


There are different levels of employees which are:

  • White/no exp
  • Green/Rich exp
  • Blue/Intermediate
  • Purple/Successful
  • Orange/Omnipotent
  • Red/Preeminent
  • Pink/
  • Cyan/Superb

Here is an example of Talent


There are also different talent levels which are

  • White/No talent
  • Green/Junior
  • Blue/Intermediate
  • Purple/Expert
  • Red/Master
  • Orange/Guru

Loyalty is exactly what it means. How loyal an employee is to your company. Over time your employees will lose loyalty points. Players who try to poach will also lower your employee's loyalty. You can raise it by communicating and rewarding your employees.

Here is an example of where to find loyalty.


Next is employee proficiency. This determines when an employee can level up. It raises by 1 point every hour. You can attempt to level up the employee when proficiency reaches half way to it's maximum. But I wont advise you to. The more proficiency and employee have, the better its chances in a successful level up.

Here is an example of where to find proficiency.


Employees have different industry stats, basically job professions. If the employee is skilled in another industry that is different from your he wont be effective. Like having a heavy metal rock band in a country western concert. It wont mix. You will lose effectiveness from that employee. You can change an employees industry be doing occult training, also known as devil's training.

Here is where you can find info on employee Industry.


Last you can see if an employee is working in a store or not. The higher the talent and experience of an employee the more they can milk out of a store.

Here is where you can see which employees are working or not.


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