Warflow: Guide to Peerless Bravery (Empires special)

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General things you should be aware of before you begin:

1) Lubon has two different special he can get, he willeither get 1 or the other not both.

-Matchless-Reduces 1 player troops 2 1

-Massacre-Reduces a random number of players troops,generally by half

2) Louchet has one special

Warcry-Boosts all enemys soidlier count by 20%.

3) Lubon should be rushed if time allows but it isn’t a hugeproblem, Louchet should not be rushed under any circumstances as he isn’t aproblem at all.

4) There are two different types of squares, one takes10seconds to move another takes 15 seconds to move, generally squares withtrees on are 15s but this isn’t always the case. You should always try to moveon a path with 10s squares over 15s as it will enable you to reach a 3rdperson before specials hit a lot of the time.

5)Specials fire around the 3 second mark. This is importantbecause if you can just attack someone just as matchless fires you should wait.The reason for this is that if you attack as lubon fires lubons matchless willhit you first so you will automatically lose as you cant win with 1 troop. What you should do is wait and if you arehit you can resupply and go saving you 30seconds.

6) Don’t be greedy. 11 maps are better then 6 if your unsure that you can complete your job and still get a map don’t go for it.


Now onto the setup:


1) Easy position

2) Average position

3) Hard position (Rushes lubon if possible, preferabely goodinternet connection incase of refreshing bug)

4) Easiest position

5) Hard position (gets louchet)

Who each person takes and they order they usually take themin (Order will vary sometimes possible placements for the them depending on thesetup you get):

1) Liscyon,Vanhugh,Daejon,Luisdgar

2) Ghosy,Herbson,Judrail,Donjerd

3) Chiddock,Waxon,Lubon,Lloybuke,

4) Thewlon,Haldruck,Loudrew

5) Lirux,Rootrie,Luckyard,Louchet



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