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WarFlow Guide: WarFlow FAQ

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Buildings and TC

1. Are the upgrades of buildings completed instantly?

Yes, but there is a cool-down time between building upgrades.

2. How long is the validity of the increased Builders?


3. Why can't I further upgrade my TC when it's already Lv. 9?

TC stands for Town Center. The level of your TC can't exceed the level cap of your Area. If you wish to further upgrade your TC, you should move to Loyan after defeating Gikatio of the Militia Power. Before that, you can only upgrade your Equips, train or draft the Heroes, or strengthen your attack.

4. Why does it take 2 hours to upgrade my TC to Lv. 15 while it's only 40 minutes for other players?

It's because of Building Fatigue. Your Building Fatigue gradually increases as building upgrades are undertaken. Building Fatigue is invisible in game, but it is reflected by the gradually lengthened cool-down time. However, Building Fatigue will be cleared up 5:00 AM every day. Building Fatigue also applies to the cool-down time of Tech improvement and MCU.

5. Why can't I move my TC when I think I have met the requirements?

It can be due to the 24 hours' cool-down of TC moving. You can only move your TC once within 24 hours.

6. Where is the silver mine?

Silver mine is available only after you have chosen a nation among Malscinia, Beluprus and Volpugny.

7. When can I have my Caravans?

Caravans are available when your TC has been upgraded to Lv. 41.

8. When will I suffer from building damages? Will my buildings be degraded if I lose a battle?

When you've moved to an Area of Lv. 60 or above, given that you lose a battle, there is a chance of your buildings (excluding your TC) being degraded by 1 level. The buildings to be damaged are limited to one of the highest-level buildings.

9. How is the Productivity of Farms and Mines calculated?

Productivity refers to the output every 10 minutes.


1. What should I do to own more Heroes?

Increase your RP (reputation points). At the beginning your Hero cap is 3 by default. Hero cap increases to 4 when RP reaches 100; Hero cap increases to 5 when RP reaches 15,000; Hero cap increases to 6 when RP reaches 70,000; Hero cap increases to 7 when RP reaches 190,000.

2. How to upgrade Formation?

First, migrate to Loyan when you are level 10. Then upgrade your TC to level 11 to upgrade Formation in War Academy.

3. How can I put more Heroes in the Formation?

Upgrade your Formation in War Academy. At most 3 Heroes can be assigned when your Formation is upgraded to Lv. 2 (Lv. 10 War Academy required); at most 4 Heroes for Lv.5 Formation (Lv. 25 War Academy required); at most 5 Heroes for Lv. 10 Formation (Lv. 50 War Academy required).

4. What are Strategy ATK and Strategy DEF?

Strategy ATK is attack by Warlocks and Strategy DEF is defense by Warlocks.

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