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Warfare is a war-themed strategy/RPG/simulation web game. Players can choose from land, air, and sea forces. Each force has four types of soldiers (Heavy, Ranged, Assault, Assist) and three types of units (vanguard, center guard and a rear guard). Players can mix and match armies and use their different abilities to cope with different situations and enemies.

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Players can also develop their island, build up forces, then come up with the ultimate strategy against the terrorists of the Dark Alliance and others who would see the world burn. Players can also recruit different historical figures from foreign countries, challenge other generals, battle against dungeon bosses, and even compete with each other to see who’s the best!

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Talentsare passive bonuses which vary with each general and include options like damage reduction, an increased counter-attack rate, healing your forces instead of attacking, and even the ability to attack twice. There are also special generals out there who have multiple talents, so keep an eye out!

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Skillsare special abilities that activate in battle once a general’s morale bar reaches 100. These devastating skills can often turn the tides of battle and with most generals having a unique special skill, creating a team with high synergy will bring you that much closer to victory!



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