Warfare Guide: Generals

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In Warfare, Generals are play a huge role in your combat ability. In addition to yourself, the Chief General, four other generals will fight by your side. Generals are usually recruited through the Hall of Fame, but certain ones can also be gained by completing campaign levels.

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Generals come in different colors, which indicate their stat growth rate, and therefore their overall quality. The order is as follows: Green < Blue < Purple < Orange < Gold.

Gold and Orange generals are very rare, but thankfully a special feature guarantees that players will be eventually find one. Each time you search for a general (through Normal Recruit or Advanced Recruit), an orb will start to fill up, shown below.

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Once full, simply click the orb and a general of that color will appear in the Hall of Fame, so make sure you recruit every day!

Even though generals come in different colors, that doesn't mean Gold ones are always better than Orange, or Orange are always better than Purple. Players should pay attention to the Talent and a Skill of a general as well.

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Talentsare passive bonuses which vary with each general and include options like damage reduction, an increased counter-attack rate, healing your forces instead of attacking, and even the ability to attack twice. There are also special generals out there who have multiple talents, so keep an eye out!

Skillsare special abilities that activate in battle once a general's morale bar reaches 100. These devastating skills can often turn the tides of battle and with most generals having a unique special skill, creating a team with high synergy will bring you that much closer to victory!



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