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WarDrome is a free strategic management browser game set in a space opera atmosphere. Real time combats, development, economy and role play. The role play is not required anyways, although those who decide not to do so must not spoil the others' role play.

This is a guide about Equipment in WarDrome. Check below:


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This section covers Offensive and Defensive Equipment not covered anywhere else.

Fighters, Shields and Armor
All 3 of these (Fighters/Shields/Armor) my be randomly increased by receiving rewards from defeating the Aliens on Asteroids. They may also be bought/upgraded (in very small quantities) from your races' Home World shops.

* Fighters:
All ships have a maximum number of fighters they can carry in their hangars. Fighters are essential in battle, they are the main cause of outgoing damage and they also absorb incoming damage when all other defenses or devices have failed. The number of fighters on a ship has an adverse effect on many aspects in terms of dealing damage.

Fighters can be moved from ship to planet and vice-versa. The movement involves a cost in energy based on the number of ships being loaded or unloaded.

Stowed fighters can be bought from the shop in your races' Home World, which act and take up space on your ships as normal cargo until placed on a planet. These 'Stowed Fighters' can be purchased at half the price as 'battle-ready' fighters.

Most commonly constructed using the Fighters Factory available through planetary research.

* Shields:
A ship equipped just with shields will only be able to absorb damage. Shields defend against incoming fighters, once they are depleted the defending fighters will try and minimize damage. Shields recharge slowly every hour until they reach their maximum once again. Fighters and Armor do not recharge.

* Armor:
Armor is the last line of defense of a ship. Once shields are depleted and all fighters are lost, the armor starts absorbing damage. One armor point absorbs 5 damage points. If the damage taken exceeds the maximum quantity that the armor can sustain, the ship is destroyed.

A damaged armor can always be repaired at the Home World or in one of your planets if you've built the Orbital complex.

Genesis Device
Genesis devices are needed to create planets from scratch. You can buy these from your Home World shops (at the price of 25.000.000 Credits for normal careers, 17.000.000 Credits for Colonizers. Once purchased, you will see the how many you own in the lower right corner of your 'Heads up Display'. Once you've found a system with available orbits, you need only to click on your Genesis Device and name your new planet.

Or you can also buy 100 of them, and try to "Generate orbit (Costs 100 genesis devices)" option will be available for you (note that you cannot generate orbit in home worlds, though). This action does not guarantee 100% that an orbit will be created but if it does it will generate a planet with 1000 population and 20000 fighters. Other stats are variable. Consider that planets created this way will always have a high fertility % compared to the ones normally created by commanders. In the event of unsucessfully creating an orbit, the outcome will be that you create a supernova in that system. (so if you can help it try not to create an orbit in an already inhabited system) Now you can practice your dictatorship methods!

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