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War 2

This is a guide for the newbie of the browser based strategy warfare game - War 2. People in War 2 will act as a military commander in charge of an occupied town in a war torn world seeking to survive, develop and to finally become a stable and powerful force. Check below:

War2 Game Guide

By chris8310a in the official forum

Where to start:
Players should begin by building a Civilian House. Once that's done, they should build in this order: a farm, a steel plant, an oil refinery and a rare metals plant in the production sector. Players should then refer to their. Missions not only give new players a general idea of what they should be doing but they also give rewards that give players a big boost in the early stages of the game. They also teach players some of the finer points of the game and how to access certain functions. Players are given a 7 day protection period where they do not need to worry about being attacked by other players.

Managing population:
A healthy population is vital in War 2. You require laborers for your resource production facilities as well as citizens to draft into your army. Try to maintain a healthy surplus of idle labor as it allows you to continue upgrading or adding to your production. It also gives you a head start on your gold which can only be obtained through taxation and by completing missions.

Make sure to have at least one of each production facility and upgrade them according to what you need most at the moment. Remember, you can build more than one of each production facility. When it stops being viable or you are unable to continue upgrading a single plant, you can simply build a new one. Keep an eye on how much labor each plant needs before and after each upgrade as well as how much idle labor you have.

Once you build a research center, you'll be able to conduct research. Missions will give you hints on what you should be researching first. However, you will want to decide for yourself what direction is best for your city (expansion or military) once you become more familiar with the game. Once you research training techniques, you will be able to choose your side (Axis or Ally). It is a good idea to research reconnaissance techniques early on so that you can build scout planes to scout on nearby territories.

Building an army:
Once you build an arms plant you will be able to train infantry. You can mouse over other units to see what technologies, buildings or resources you need to build better units. It is a good idea to build at 50 infantry units early on so that you can conquer low level fields. You will need a General Headquarters, Military academy and Staff Headquarters before you can send troops out of your city. Your Missions will guide you on building these. Bear in mind that training troops requires idle labor and my conflict with any buildings that are under construction/being upgraded so be sure to train troops carefully.

Conquering Fields:
When you are ready to get started with some military action, you can check the daily battle as well as your missions on what field you should conquer (basin, plain, grassland, hill, forest). Start with a level 1 field early on and work your way upwards as your army grows. You can scout enemy fields if you have built scout planes to get an idea on what kind of opposition you will be up against. Once you conquer a field, you can requisition items from them (Possessions > View > Requisition). Requisitioning gives you the chance to obtain jewelry (except plains) which is needed for completing certain missions (Especially the “Private First Class” mission under “Flying High” which is necessary for you to establish new cities).

During the closed beta, players will be able to chat in the World chat for free. Players can find unions to join and ask for advice from more experienced players here or simply to socialize with their fellow players.


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