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War of Troy is an extraordinary free multi-player online strategy game inspired by ancient Greek mythology and culture. You begin your journey by choosing an ancient Hero - Bellerophon to lead you into battle and be the protector of your city.

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War of Troy is based on an epic mythological story, and uses a map based narrative. Your mission is to meet your enemies on the battlefield and become victorious before you can move to the next map. Your victory in battle depends on the heroes you use, and the equipment, strategy and formation as well. On your journey you will engage epic heroes and once you defeat them you will be able to hire them to fight for you.

War of Troy uses three types of resources - Gold, Food, and Diamonds. With these resources you can level up your city, train your heroes, unlock more buildings, buy power equipment, and recruit powerful heroes,

While building your city and empowering your army you have the choice to join allies for protection or simply to reinforce the strength of your own army or you can go at it alone and show the world how powerful you truly are.

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Special Features:

  • Browser based game play, so not hassle with downloading and installing complex software.
  • Free to Play forever!
  • Featured support for Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome browsers, with undocumented support for the opera web browser. This makes War of Troy easy and simple to play from any supported web browser, anytime, anywhere.
  • Rich variety of units and strategies
  • Featured variety of heroes from ancient Greek mythology. You can command them with different formations and equip them with various weapons.
  • Unlimited challenges and generous rewards
  • With unlimited battlefields the action never stops!

War of Troy Screenshot

War of Troy combines old style RPG action with a nice mixed city building and money management. With a wide variety of support for web browsers, and the free to play model it is hard to go wrong with War of Troy. So if you think you have what it takes to take on the empire of ancient Greece, battle your friends, and pillage your enemies, join us in War of Troy. We are waiting for you now!



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