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War of Titans

Dear community members,

You’re already familiar with our contact forms. In order to be able to process your questions and requests even more quickly and efficiently, we’ve developed a similar system to deal with all inquiries having to do with in-game payment: Our new payment form!

Now you can pose your questions or explain your problems to us through a few simple clicks via an easy-to-use connection with SSL encryption. Thanks to the form’s clear format, you know exactly what information we need in order to respond quickly and accurately.

War of Titans

Where can I find this form?

There are many ways to access the payment form:

1.Access the form from within the game: Open the support contact form. When you reach “type of request“, select “payment problem”.

2.Access the form via your account in the banking area: Log in to your account in the banking area and click on “Support” in the menu. A link to the form will be displayed.

3.Access the form directly: Should you be unable to access your account, you can also reach the payment form by using the following link:

How does the form work?

The form is simple and self-explanatory. When you access it directly from your account, information such as User ID and server is automatically entered in the relevant fields. If you access it from another location, you will have to fill out these fields yourself. Please note that some fields are required and must be filled out!

Once you’ve entered your identity information, just select the relevant method of payment and type in a description of your problem, making sure to mention which item or items you were buying or attempting to buy when the problem occurred.

Then you will be asked to provide some personal information, such as your mobile number and/or account number, and/or the relevant transaction ID. This information will be different depending on the method of payment you used. Once you have filled out this information, your form should look something like this:

War of Titans

Click Here For Full Image

Then all you’ll have to do is send the form. You’ll receive a confirmation from us via e-mail including a link and a password with which you can track your ticket. Our payment team will process your inquiry or request as quickly as possible.

Please bear in mind when filling out the form that we will only be able to help you if you have provided all the necessary information, and if the information provided is correct.

Please note: Effective immediately, payment requests or inquiries can only be made using this payment form.

Please understand that we can no longer process this type of request or inquiry through the game support: In the end, the creation of a distinct form for payment requests and inquiries benefits you, the user, since your payment support issues will now be sent directly to the payment support team.

Should you have any other problems or questions regarding the payment forms, please contact a game moderator; they’ll be happy to advise and help you.

Your War of Titans Team

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