War of Titans: Quick Guide for New Players

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War of Titans

War of Titans

1ST THING: collect 100+ gold or so to make repairs(the tutorial gives 90 I think), then use the first 5000gold in the marketplace to buy 20 skill points, they are very important.

apply the skill points to your weapon of choice and armor first, use the LEVELUP button, buy a new weapon asap, the original sword is weak.

Another school of thought on this is to wait or convert some gold to silver and try to bid for the skill points with silver. This is risky, but can save gold. EXAMPLE:convert 3000 gold to 30,000 silver and bid that on skill points. You decide.

NEW: Weapon Sets are available in the Marketplace now.

BATTLE: left click to walk, click ctrl to hit with sword, hold ctrl and left click to throw axe/spear,

QUESTS: do the quests using the quest button next to the arena button, if you are at the right level but it wont let you take quest, go to the world map and then to the correct city for the quest. once done you need to go back to the quest page and click the green Quit Quest button.

QUEST BOOK: You open the Quest Book near the top left of the screen while in the arena. It will show the quest name, click that and it will give an overview of the quest, now click the SHOW INFO button. That will open a Quest Conditions box near the top right of the screen with 0/4 or however many opponents you need to kill. Be aware of a glitch that sometimes has the Quest Book showing 0/3 objectives, don't rely on that. Once you think you have done what you need to do check the Quest button in the World Map, you may be able to click the green Quit Quest button anyway.

ALLOYS: they make a weapon stronger for 10 hits. under the USE ALLOY button there are 5 rectangles, click one of the first 4 to equip the alloy, the 5th is the # of special abilities you have, then click the USE ALLOY button to apply it, you can go to SETTINGS while in the arena to turn this on permanently, but wait until you collect several before doing that.

TRAINING: do the stature quests to collect attribute points, these are as important as skill points. apply them to your own liking. At the Depot, on the left, under Physical Features, click 'more about Physical Features', that will open a window with a way to enter the training arena.

POTIONS: they keep you in the arena longer and that is a good thing, just know that you will still pay gold for repairs when you use them. At the Depot, go to Items and click health potions you find and drag them to a slot in the Items tab. Be sure to click OK, then click the potion in-game to regain health in the arena

AUCTION: it is a very important part of the game. you can get items and weapons with silver instead of gold if you use the auction. be aware though, you will NOT get silver back if you lose the bid. there are good and bad points in that, but if you know going into it, you can't complain.

HOW TO JOIN CLAN- to join a clan you need 15,000silver when you apply, and need to leave it for a day or so while waiting to be accepted. At the Depot or World Map click the gray CLAN button, then in the new window click the drop down arrow in the clan list. If you know the clan you want to apply to enter the clan tag.

DISCARD- You can sell stuff like silver potions, chicken, bread, or any item or weapon, at the Depot, click the item and then click DISCARD, near LEVEL UP, read what comes up.

JACKPOT-once there are enough paying members there will be a once monthly tournament, the winner will get the amount of their j/p balance.

CHAT: the slider bar doesn't work, so to scroll up and see something you missed, click on the words then mouse wheel up. English only and no profanity. Read these rules:

BUYING GOLD: it makes the game more fun and it not very expensive, the Doubler Advantage Pack is only 18US$ for 8 weeks and it really pays off big in double crate contents. you can make a one-time payment of just 3US$ and get 5000 gold. you can get a lot more enjoyment out of the game for much less than you spend on game system games or rentals. these plans don't re-bill either which is great in my opinion. i don't work for Big Point and they didn't ask me to say this, I am just being honest.

As I said, quick guide, something to get you started off right so you don't play a character then realize you messed up and make a new one, like I did, lol. Its a great game, my thanks to B/P and all the support team as well.

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